5 Common Shipping Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid!

5 Common Shipping Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid!

Getting your products to your customers, on time and within budget, is non-negotiable. As a business owner, if you’re not careful, shipping mistakes can significantly eat into your profits.

Here are the 5 shipping mistakes that your business should avoid:


1.   Shipping Cost Errors

Guessing at how much a product weighs, in lieu of actually using a scale to get an accurate weight can add up to additional costs when less than truckload (LTL) freight carriers re-weigh your package. Also, weight is not the only factor to consider. Package dimensions also need to considered as they are factored into shipping costs. Incorrect weight class mailing can wind up in returned packages due to insufficient postage. Unexpected delays, such as re-shipping returned packages sends shipping personnel into expedited shipping cost frenzies, trying to make up the lost time. These cuts into your profit margin that can add up over time but can easily be avoided.


2.   Packaging Issues

You want your packaging to be consistent and professional-looking to build brand loyalty. Branded packaging materials and the use of appropriate cushioning materials and containers are important and your packaging should take all of this into consideration. Consider and evaluate cost-effective options, such as flat rate boxes, to see if it’s an efficient shipping option. If you try to put your products in boxes without sufficient cushioning, you may have to replace those products if damaged in transit.


3.   Missing A Step In The Shipping Process

Where and how you ship matters. Air-quality rules and driver hours of service laws vary from state to state. How you ship palletized orders can cost a lot of money unless you are familiar with freight regulations and carrier protocols. Some companies try to simplify shipping, but by offering a variety of shipping options this can help reduce shopping cart abandonment.


4.   Not Checking Details

Checking information such as the correct delivery addresses, correct carrier codes and freight info can feel like it is slowing down your shipping process but taking the time before your products go out can be far less complicated and expensive than chasing your orders down later.


5.   Not Monitoring Your Package’s Progress

In an ideal world, all packages arrive at their destinations on time and in perfect condition. However, things can happen to nice packages in transit. Packages get lost or sent to the wrong address, even if the delivery info is correct. It happens and if you aren’t tracking your packages, it could take a while to find your packages and even longer before your customer purchases from you again.



Phase V Fulfillment Company Can Help You Save On Shipping And More

We have been a third-party logistics provider for more than 30 years and have developed comprehensive shipping solutions for all your shipping needs. We partner with your company to help you save money and time by optimizing a shipping plan that’s customized to your brand’s domestic and/or international shipping needs.

We Know A Thing Or Two About Shipping

Our Phase V shipping specialists are experts in freight regulations and carrier options. Your Phase V team can easily accommodate special handling, specialized labeling and packaging, as well as any custom carrier needs. From our secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature-controlled facility in Ft. Myers, FL, we accommodate your shipping processes, shipping to most domestic addresses, via ground shipping within two days or even expedited.

For international distribution programs, our Phase V shipping team considers the best of many possible cost-effective options to minimize custom fees when shipping your products to the largest overseas trade zones.

Shipping can be a challenging and confusing aspect of running a business for any company, especially when shipping mistakes cut into your company’s bottom line. Start saving money and growing your company – let Phase V help you get your orders packed and shipped to more customers, in a cost-efficient and timely fashion. Ship with Phase V and save!

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