5 Tips For Improving Distribution And Order Fulfillment

5 Tips For Improving Distribution And Order Fulfillment

E-commerce and catalog retailers are hitting the mark as more and more people understand the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their own home. Storeowners can have difficulty predicting sales and keeping pace with customer orders and other needs during certain times of the year. Even large retailers lose out on sales and long-term customer loyalty due to product shortages and shipping problems. However, these common pitfalls can be easily avoided by taking some simple steps in the distribution center to ensure packages are delivered efficiently.


  1. Warehouse Management Software and e-Commerce integration


Using multiple selling channels is the best approach for reaching a wide range of customers who all have their preferred shopping platforms. However, it can be difficult to keep track of all your open orders. Warehouse management software with E-Commerce integration is your solution: it streamlines all of your selling channels, along with your fulfillment and shipping process, into one centralized, easy-to-use system, so you’ll always be aware of any open orders and their current status.


  1. Have a large enough inventory and storage to avoid backorder issues.


The high volume of orders during peak seasons means that you will need more storage and a bigger inventory during certain times of the year, especially for your most popular products. With all of the orders you receive during your peak seasons, it can be difficult to have an accurate picture of your inventory at any time. To avoid these issues, the inventory management feature in e-commerce integration software can be used to track your sales, along with wider industry trends, to ensure that you know about potential shortages well in advance and avoid a costly back order situation.


  1. Have shipping packaging for all types of products.


Since you receive orders of all sizes, you need various package sizes and types. You will also need to make sure that you have the right packaging for any delicate products in order to protect them from any damage. Additionally, you may consider offering custom packaging, gift-wrapping options, and personal gift messaging options, which can strengthen your brand identity and provide a memorable customer experience. Packaging materials can be a costly investment, but working with a fulfillment center can allow you to save significantly on packaging costs.


  1. Make shipping transparent using package tracking.


Include a “package tracking” button with all of your customers’ orders. Package tracking provides helpful insight for you and the customer, so all parties can stay on top of the order’s status.


  1. Diversify shipping options.


Customers want shipping options such as free standard shipping or next-day delivery, as well as the option to choose a preferred carrier. While it’s a challenge for individual store owners to know the best shipping rates at any moment, working with a fulfillment center that has relationships with carriers offers incredible help.

Phase V Fulfillment’s e-commerce integration, warehouse management software, custom packaging options, package tracking, and shipping options are just a few of our features that will ensure you meet your customers’ needs. With these efficient safeguards, you can have a stress-free, profitable year and keep customers returning for years to come.

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