5 Tips For Improving Peak Season Order Fulfillment

5 Tips For Improving Peak Season Order Fulfillment

Believe it or not, peak season is right around the corner and according to analysts, it’s going to be a good one. 2016’s $91.7 billion-dollar total in revenue for the holiday season is expected to increase by 3-4% in 2017 and 2018.  Promotional shopping trends experienced a seismic shift in 2016, as well. Last year, December 23rd became the new Black Friday. Historically, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, was the largest sales day of the peak season. Due to ecommerce promotions in November and Black Friday promotions starting as early as the day after Halloween, November 25th lost its impact as the busiest sales day of the year.


  • The month-long Black Friday did, however, rake in 22% more in sales than in 2015 at $3.34 billion dollars.


  • Online sales made a strong showing in 2016, breaking all Cyber Monday records for sales at $3.45 billion dollars.


  • Thursday, December 22nd surprisingly proved to be the second highest grossing day for in-store sales in 2016.


  • Mobile devices and tablets accounted for $28.43 billion in revenue in 2016, up 23% from the previous year.


Working from this exciting news, it looks like you’re going to be busier this peak season. While you’re getting your reindeer in a row and your elves all fired up for the holiday season, perhaps it is time to look at five ways that Phase V Fulfillment Company can help you save time and money this peak season, while improving your order processing and inventory management operations.

1. Utilizing E-Commerce Integration Software

Our inventory software integrates with most online shopping carts, from an easy-to-use web-based dashboard, coordinating your multi-channel sales platforms, while giving you real time inventory counts. You can easily view and edit orders, view invoices, check return statuses and set up low inventory alerts, in order to ensure your products are stocked and ready for processing during these hectic months.

2. Having A Large Enough Storage Space To Avoid Backorder Issues

Phase V can save you money on warehousing and you will never have to worry if you have enough space for your products. When we receive your products in our secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature-controlled warehouse located in Ft. Myers, FL, our warehousing specialists perform quality and quantity inspections. Setting up low inventory alerts, with our user-friendly inventory management software is easy, notifying your office when it’s time to send us more product, far enough in advance to avoid backorders and out-of-stock issues.

3. Shipping And Packaging For All Types Of Products

We partner with you to package your products following your brand guidelines. Phase V helps your company find the fastest, most efficient way to ship your products. You can offer your customers an array of provider and shipping options. Our shipping experts work with you to set up your customized distribution plan whether you’re an online retailer, a startup, small business, large retailer or e-commerce seller in need of international fulfillment services. Phase V logistics advisors are constantly working to save you money on shipping costs. Your company can also cut down on cart abandonment by offering free shipping and flexible future shipping options.

4. Ensuring On Time Package Delivery For The Holiday Season

At any time, but especially during the peak season, delivery times are crucial to any company’s future growth potential. Phase V takes the stress and confusion out of shipping. Our shipping pros know the intricacies of freight regulations and work to find the fastest, most efficient and affordable ways to ship your products, so they get to your customers’ lucky recipients in time for the holiday. We know that on-time delivery is an essential component of a successful customer experience and that consistency builds brand loyalty. Packing and shipping your products from one centralized location improves consistency in customer experience while increasing your brand base and your bottom line.

5. Offering Customer Service 24/7

Because online ordering can happen anywhere at any time, our highly trained customer service reps are always available to answer any questions and concerns about your customers’ orders. As a standard policy, we strive to resolve any product or order issues in a prompt manner. Our friendly, product-informed customer service reps expertly process return orders and replacement orders, in the same amount of time as initial orders.

Shine This Peak Season With Phase V’s Comprehensive Fulfillment Services

Your peak season is rapidly approaching. Partner with Phase V’s turnkey fulfillment solutions. Working with you, we streamline your supply chain processes to help improve your order processing and inventory management operations, saving time and money at peak season. Contact Phase V so you can shine and be merry this holiday season!

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