5 Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

5 Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

Over the past fourteen years, e-commerce has been claiming more of the market share than brick-and-mortar businesses – so much that most brick-and-mortar operations have implemented online shopping, offering products that are only available online, with in-store pick-up or shipped directly to their homes or businesses. Online retailers saw dramatic growth recently during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, as they provided a platform for consumers to shop for products other than essential goods, without going out to a big-box grocery store or home improvement center.

According to Adobe, “Despite online sales growing slower in July than in June,” due to traditional retailers reopening, “e-commerce sales are still up 55% year over year for the first seven months of the year, resulting in $434.5 billion in online spending.” While this growth for online retailers is a boon for businesses, managing increasing sales can be challenging for most online retailers.


More Sales Mean More Facets Of Your Business To Manage

With more sales, comes more fulfillment processes, requiring coordination and a facility for storage that needs to be outfitted to accommodate fulfillment operations. Along with these supply chain processes, companies need skilled staff to professionally pack and ship orders in the most efficient, affordable, and fastest way possible to meet consumer delivery expectations. These additions can create significant overheads, distract from core business initiatives, and divert your talent’s time and energy to the mechanics of getting packages where they need to go, on time and on budget. These internal challenges, combined with customer satisfaction challenges, creates a mountain of issues that can derail your growth.

Customer Satisfaction Of Major Importance To E-Commerce Retailers

Before the pandemic, the race to improve last-mile delivery rates was driven by consumer demand for faster and faster delivery times. Customer satisfaction is important for e-commerce retailers, retention when your competitor is only a click away.  Shipping delays, excessive shipping costs versus free shipping, and a variety of other factors can result in a high rate of shopping cart abandonment. These growth and customer satisfaction issues have seen small, medium, and large companies turning to third-party logistics companies to manage their supply chain operations.

Phase V Fulfillment And 3rd Party Logistics Industry Growing In The Last Decade

Around 2010, several e-commerce brands began to realize the savings, along with improved efficiency, faster delivery times, and increased return business when they partnered with 3rd party logistics companies such as Phase V Fulfillment. While you’re trying to manage your business’s next stage of expansion, Phase V takes the reigns to manage your supply chain operations, so you can get back to growing your e-commerce business. We partner with you from onboarding your inventory to ensuring that your orders arrive on time to their destinations, efficiently and affordably. Here’s how it works.


  • Warehousing


When your inventory arrives at our secure, ambient temperature, humidity-controlled facility in Fort Myers, Florida, we check it for quality and quantity, assigning your products unique SKUs (Shop Keeping Units) and a dedicated space in our facilities. Our warehouses are strategically located near major trucking and shipping routes, plus an international port of call.


  • Processing orders from all of your multi-channel outlets


Our technology integrates with most online shopping carts, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and other e-commerce platforms. When your customer places an order, Phase V’s skilled pick and pack personnel initiate your packing process as we continuously work to automate your order processing.


  • Packing


Your dedicated packing professionals work with your specs to pack your orders as if they came directly from you complete with branded packing supplies, bills of lading, and shipping invoices. You save time and money on packing supplies and skilled hands that expedite your packing processes. Consistency is a large part of customer experience and packing and shipping all of your orders from a central location will help coordinate your orders so that they all arrive on time. Phase V can scale your packing labor costs to coincide with sales cycles. That is, we can add labor for busier times and scale back during slower seasons.


  • Shipping


Your Phase V team of logistic experts finds the most affordable, efficient carriers, navigating freight regulations to find the fastest route and most secure ways to get your orders to your customers on time. Our shipping pros always look for ways to save you money on shipping rates. Our shipping team is adept at handling various delivery options, as well. You and your customers will also be able to track your orders at any time during the delivery process.


  • Technology


Transparency is the key to successful inventory management. Phase V’s data-driven, web-based technology gives your company the ability to view inventory counts, create orders, edit orders, and always know where your inventory counts stand. From our user-friendly dashboard, you can set up low inventory alerts in enough time to restock your products and avoid dreaded out-of-stock or back-ordered messages that can impact your brand’s image, as well as your bottom line, when customers go elsewhere to purchase similar products.


  • Customer Service


At a time when it’s almost impossible to speak to a human about your orders, your customers will be delighted to know they can speak with one of our highly trained and vetted customer service reps who know the specifications of your products and can immediately solve customer issues or get back to them in more complex situations within 24 hours of their call. Exchanges take less time when your customers can speak with a customer service rep 24/7 from anywhere on the globe.

Phase V Fulfillment works with you every step of the way to streamline your ordering processes with customer satisfaction at the forefront of our e-commerce fulfillment processes. As e-commerce retailers continue to grow, benefiting from the way consumers prefer to shop, Phase V will optimize your supply chain operations, helping you save money, improve customer satisfaction, and grow your brand’s loyalty.

Contact Phase V to learn more about how we can customize your fulfillment processes!

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