7 Reasons E-Commerce Retailers Should Use Fulfillment Services

7 Reasons E-Commerce Retailers Should Use Fulfillment Services

In today’s digital, global business environment, ecommerce platforms enable brands, large and small, to interact with more consumers than in any previous era, as social media marketing has gained a solid foothold as a major advertising tool. With advancements in shopping cart technologies, online purchasing is on the rise and online shoppers can shop around to find a seller that offers them a good value, seamless transactions and shipping options that work with their schedules.

For most businesses today, an online presence is a given. Various large, big box retailers offer some of their products only through their online stores.  As ecommerce businesses grow, they can easily expand past their abilities to manage their order processing operations, effectively. Without a plan in place to ensure that your ecommerce company’s supply chain flow can meet the demands of increased sales, on time deliveries and accurate inventory management, your company’s forward momentum could be headed for a logistical train wreck. No worries. Outsourcing your order processing and inventory management to a third-party logistics company can keep your ecommerce business smoothly on track to embrace your expansion and increased sales.

Phase V Fulfillment Company offers simple, affordable turnkey solutions to grow your ecommerce business. Devoted to flexible integration, robust security and scalability, take a look at some really sensible reasons why we can help expanding ecommerce businesses, large and small, save money and expand their web-based sales:


  1. We partner with your company
    Phase V takes the time to sit down with you and find the right fulfillment planfor you. We work with you in every aspect of your ordering process, from receiving your products to getting them to their destinations in a timely fashion; our hands-on approach is customized to work for you.


  1. Your products are stored in our state-of-the-art facility
    Phase V’s secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature-controlled facility, located in Ft. Myers, Florida saves you the expense and maintenance of finding suitable warehouse space for your products. Our experienced warehouse personnel are already up to speed in receiving, inspecting, cataloging and storing your inventory, so you don’t have to train warehouse, packing, shipping and customer service staff or manage warehouse labor costs. Strategically near international ports of call and major US shipping routes, we can get your orders to your customers quickly and efficiently.


  1. Your products are packaged like you would package them
    We closely follow your packaging specs, designed so that your products look like they came directly from your store. Using your branded packing materials, we can also import your brand colors and logos to your packages. We can include branded marketing inserts, invoices, bills of lading, shipping labels and other branded materials.


  1. Your packages move cost-effectively and expediently
    With over 30 years in the fulfillment industry, we excel at getting your packages on the road, in the air or on a boat as cost-effectively and at as fast a pace as possible. Our shipping specialists can help you ship with your preferred carrier and implement a variety of designated delivery options including small parcel, future shipping and drop shipping. We understand and adhere to all freight regulations, getting the most value out of your shipping dollar.


  1. Your inventory levels can be accessed with our state-of-the-art software in real time
    Phase V integrates with your online shopping carts and our inventory software updates levels 24/7 in real time. From our easy to use web-based dashboard, you can create orders, monitor your existing orders, edit orders, check inventory levels and return statuses, plus so much more.Low level inventory alerts sent to your office help reduce and eliminate the backorders and out-of-stock orders that cost you customers. With the ability to generate forecasting reports, you can plan for increased demand for your products and analyze data about your inventory.


  1. We help you sell more, building brand loyalty along the way, with standout customer service support
    Phase V’s customer service reps are in tune with your product guidelines, and answering your customer’s questions. Our goal to provide exceptional customer service means we will promptly answer any inquiry. If your customer needs their order right away or if they want to schedule orders to arrive for holidays, our reps can see to it those things happen, without hiccups, as they are intended.


  1. Phase V takes care of all of your fulfillment needs
    Our comprehensive, one stop shopping fulfillment services tailor your supply chain operations to your company’s needs and budget. Because your multi-channel marketing orders are processed and shipped from one central location and managed through our superior inventory software, with customer service reps always ready to answer questions, your customers will respond to the consistency they value, building brand loyalty, and increasing your company’s revenue.


When your ecommerce company begins to grow and you need to expand your operations, as you continue to grow, Phase V Fulfillment Company can help streamline your ordering processes and manage your inventory. We help you grow, saving you money and increasing your sales. Phase V and ecommerce companies just go together. You can focus on developing, marketing and selling new products while we handle the rest.

Contact Phase V and grow with us.

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