Breaking Down The Fulfillment Process

Breaking Down The Fulfillment Process

If this past holiday season provided any insights into shopping trends, it proved that e-commerce and online shopping continue to gain ground on in-store shopping sales. This shift to online shopping was initially driven by convenience on the consumer’s part and as a necessity on the online vendor’s end. As e-commerce platforms have evolved, major retailers with brick and mortar stores are also contributing to the shift to e-commerce by offering products online that customers can’t buy in their retail locations. With this shift to purchasing gifts online comes the added stress of delivering those gifts on time consistently. In a Finances Online article, an IBISWorld study found that “Fulfillment is big business and the entire industry is worth around $22 billion.” In 2017, the US warehousing industry consisted of 957,000 employees, a growth of 46% from 2007.

In-House Fulfillment Good For Some, Costly For Most

While in-house fulfillment can be good for perishable, handmade, and niche products, it can put the brakes on growth potential for rising companies. Taking on your own fulfillment activities often stops businesses in their tracks, expending untold amounts of talent and time trying to work out the intricacies of freight regulations, sourcing branded packing materials and securing a warehouse to store their inventory.

Outsourcing Fulfillment Comes With Many Perks

For large and small retailers, outsourcing your fulfillment services can benefit your business in a variety of ways. At Phase V Fulfillment Company, processing your orders and getting them into your customers’ hands-on time and intact is what we do. We handle the heavy lifting, while you get back to moving your company forward with product development initiatives and managing the growth of your business each day. Here’s how:

Automating Your Ordering Process

When your customer places an order from your integrated shopping carts, Phase V receives the message to pick, pack and ship your order, ASAP. Order management is just the tip of the iceberg.

Picking And Packing

Our professional packing personnel springs into action to pick and pack by locating your products and assembling your order according to your precise directions with customized packaging materials available at our facility.

Shipping And Handling

Once packed and ready to go, our expert shipping pros take over the arduous task of finding the best shipping rate for your order. Because we ship in volume, we can offer you reduced shipping rates and we’re always looking for ways to save on shipping your products.

Inventory Management

Out of your hands but definitely not out of your sight, our data-driven software updates your inventory numbers in real time so you know exactly where your inventory stands at any given moment, 24/7. Transparency in tracking your orders allows you and your customers to link with carriers for step-by-step details of your delivery process. You don’t have to worry about low inventory counts either. Setting up low inventory alerts takes another stress component off of your plate so you can restock low counts in plenty of time to avoid out-of-stock and back-order scenarios.

Customer Service

Our thoroughly trained and knowledgeable customer service reps are ready and waiting to answer any and all questions or concerns your customers may encounter at any time, 24/7. Speaking with a live customer service rep gives your customers the confidence to reorder from your website and then recommend your products to their friends. And this frees up your team to focus on other tasks. Partnering with Phase V Fulfillment streamlines your supply chain and inventory management operations, saving you money and helping you grow your business with record-breaking delivery times and more happy customers. The best part . . . You won’t even break a sweat. Contact us to discuss what our team can do for your business!

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