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Direct-To-Consumer Fulfillment: Delivery To Your Customer’s Door!

Direct-To-Consumer Fulfillment: Delivery To Your Customer’s Door!

If you sell products through a catalog or online business, you know that the process of getting shipments to your customers in a timely fashion can take quite an effort, along with expensive costs for staff, customer service representatives and storage. Fortunately, teaming up with a direct-to-consumer fulfillment center like Phase V ensures that packages get to your customers quickly, safely, efficiently, and all at a low cost to you. From beginning to end, Phase V’s direct-to-consumer fulfillment service is fully integrated for the benefit of you and your customers. Here’s how the process works:

Direct-To-Consumer Fulfillment Process


Order Intake

When you are managing the day-to-day requirements of your own business, it can be tough to keep up with customer orders, but when you collaborate with Phase V, you can count on our warehouse staff to process your customers’ orders immediately.

Whether your business operates through an online store or a web catalog, Phase V receives your customers’ orders as soon as they are placed. For online retailers, Phase V’s shopping cart integration software alerts our expert warehouse staff as soon as a customer makes a purchase from your online store. For businesses that sell products through catalogs, Phase V offers an experienced and friendly staff of customer service representatives that receives calls, emails, or faxes from customers and manually enters their orders into our warehouse management system for immediate processing.

Once alerted, our warehouse staff picks your customers’ requested products right from our secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature-controlled warehouse’s shelves. Our highly organized inventory storage plan makes order fulfillment even faster. With low inventory alerts offered as part of our inventory management software, moreover, you will never be out of a product or have to wait for a long shipment when a customer places an order.


For business owners, packing goods for safe delivery requires a huge expense and investment in time and labor.

At Phase V, our highly trained warehouse associates are skilled in packing, and we have all the necessary materials on hand to make sure your customers’ orders arrive safely. Since your products are packaged with materials to protect against any potential hazards, you will never have to worry about delicate goods being damaged while in route to their destination. Additionally, Phase V’s logistics experts can design or customize your packaging and labels according to your specific guidelines. This way, the package is optimized for your brand and appears to have been shipped directly from you.


Working out shipping logistics and finding the best deals on postage and shipping services can pose a difficult challenge for businesses, and may slow down delivery time.

Phase V’s shipping experience and relationship with shipping services provides a solution. In our direct-to-consumer fulfillment process, the safely packaged order is processed for shipping and affixed with the appropriate shipping labels. When the packaged is officially shipped, the warehouse sends an automated shipment notice email to the customer and the seller along with a link that provides tracking information.

Phase V ships domestically and internationally, and uses only reliable major shipping services to get your products to your customers quickly. Our high volume of shipments means that savings are passed on to you.


Finally, when you use Phase V’s direct-to-consumer fulfillment, your products will arrive safely at your consumer’s door. Our process of fast, accurate, and customized delivery ensures you will avoid negative customer reviews and will always have returning customers.

In addition to handling your fulfillment needs, Phase V’s logistics experts are ready to team up with you to streamline and improve your brand’s direct-to-consumer fulfillment solution. You can count on Phase V to design and implement a program that meets your complete satisfaction.

With all of your fulfillment and shipping needs effectively covered by Phase V, you can rest assured that your customers are satisfied. With time and money saved, you’ll be able to focus on doing what you do best and growing your business.

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