E-Commerce Fulfillment & Holiday Orders

E-Commerce Fulfillment & Holiday Orders

Holiday Season is always busy for e-commerce vendors, and it is especially important for them to make sure that orders get to their destinations in time. With more shoppers buying online than ever before, this holiday season can stretch your workforce thin, with packing and shipping significantly more orders than you usually handle. Adding to the frenzy of the holiday season, shoppers still expect one or two-day delivery times for their orders, even with the extra volume. Then, some folks want to add a few gifts to their holiday list and there are those that can’t find the time to shop until the last minute. Consumers still expect one-or-two-day delivery times, even for those last-minute purchases. Could you use a little holiday magic to help with your holiday ordering and last-minute gift fulfillment business?

Phase V Fulfillment 3PL company streamlines your e-commerce fulfillment for holiday orders

Phase V Fulfillment can help you with your processing, packaging, and delivery operations. We partner with you to keep your supply chain moving smoothly during the holiday season, even with last-minute orders. Especially for e-commerce only vendors, with multi-channel outlets, we can help streamline your orders into one coordinated system. Consistency enhances customer experience and if all of your orders are funneled through the same location, you’ve got a better shot at staying on top of the holiday hustle.

Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to get the bigger picture of your outgoing orders 

Our data-driven, state-of-the-art technology lets you see all of your orders, as well as create and edit orders. You can set up low inventory alerts that let you restock in time to avoid embarrassing last-minute and out of stock messages that send shoppers elsewhere to purchase gifts. Our technology allows you to generate reports and analyze data that will keep your supply chain on track.

We pack your products as if they came directly from you

Phase V’s expert packing team can lift your load this holiday season and let you stay focused on your core business. We’ll do the footwork, packaging your orders, following your specs, including all inserts and branding materials. We can even help you with printing branded materials, such as bills of lading, packing slips, and packing materials.

Customer service reps your customers can actually talk to 

Phase V’s customers know their shoppers can talk to a customer service rep at any time of the day. Our customer service reps are on top of all inquiries and concerns your customers may have about their orders. Our reps are adept at handling returns and replacement orders in the same amount of time as original orders.

Sensible, affordable shipping solutions

Our shipping logistics personnel know how to navigate complicated domestic freight rules and regulations and are always sourcing the best carriers and terms for your bulk orders, small parcel and drop shipping needs. We work with the many different delivery options your customers demand. Shipping with us streamlines your fulfillment further in that we already have your info in our system. No need to contract with a separate carrier and we can offer freight consolidation and separation or de-consolidation, quality control inspections and custom pricing, along with custom freight packing and labeling.

Don’t let this holiday season stress you out! Your holiday season can run as smooth as you want it to when you join forces with Phase V Fulfillment. When you partner with us, we customize your fulfillment needs and work with you every step of the way.

Contact Phase V to save money and time on your e-commerce fulfillment this holiday season!

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