E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Process – How It Works

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Process – How It Works

As e-commerce has evolved to meet online shoppers’ needs, e-consumers are demanding more and more from online businesses. Driven by online juggernaut, Amazon Prime, online consumers have come to expect free shipping along with faster and faster delivery times, in some cases, just a few hours longer than it takes to get a food order from GrubHub or UberEats.

E-Commerce Fulfillment Demands Call For Streamlining Supply Chain Operations

With the urgency to deliver online orders, e-commerce fulfillment operations must run efficiently – from pick and pack to shipping to delivery. Because most online businesses do not have a clear plan for fulfillment operations in place, until they start to grow beyond their capacity to manage order volume in-house, an increasing number of e-commerce vendors are joining forces with third-party logistics companies to expedite every area of their e-commerce fulfillment operations. Beyond the capacity to speed up fulfillment operations, partnering with fulfillment companies, such as Phase V Fulfillment Services saves businesses a lot of time and money, not investing in leasing and managing your supply chain operations.

Phase V E-Commerce Order Fulfillment: Your One-Stop Shop

Partnering with Phase V for your e-commerce fulfillment processes means that we will customize your e-commerce fulfillment plan to your specific needs. We get to know you and your company’s vision. Then we work with you to increase sales, cut expenses, and grow your business throughout the process. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Onboard your inventory

Onboard your inventory to our secure, humidity-controlled, and ambient temperature storage distribution centers that keep your products safe and accessible in Ft. Myers, Florida. Strategically located near all major highways, freight routes, airports, and international ports of call, we can get your orders in route as soon as possible. Our warehouse personnel checks your inventory for quality and quantity, assigning universal SKUs and a dedicated space, continually auditing your inventory.

Step 2: A customer orders your products

Our technology integrates with most online shopping carts and coordinates your multi-channel outlet orders into one manageable operation. This allows for instant order processing and inventory management. With our warehouse management system and shopping cart technology continuously synchronized and updated, your inventory data will be accurate. Our real-time inventory updates allow for transparency 24/7 so you know where your inventory count is at all times.

Step 3: Pick and Pack receive your customer’s order.

When your team of packing specialists receives your customer’s order, we pack your orders to look like they came from you.

  • Your logistics team works out a stringent packing plan to automate your fulfillment processes.
  • We assemble products according to your specs.
  • We include all inserts and other branded promotional materials.
  • We offer branded packaging materials.
  • We print branded labels and invoices.

Step 4: Shipping logistics

Our shipping logistics team provides the most cost and time-efficient means to get your orders out and on the way to their destinations. Phase V’s shipping logistics personnel are:

  • Well-versed in freight regulations and knowledgeable about all domestic and international carriers
  • Experts at handling a variety of shipping and delivery options
  • Provide tracking information links to increase transparency

Step 5: Customer Service

Phase V Customer Service Representatives are highly skilled and trained to answer questions that may arise from your customers about their orders. Because online shopping happens at all times, our CSRs provides help to your customers with returns and replacements that are processed in the same time-frame as original orders, to expedite deliveries.

Not a step but an integral aspect of your Phase V e-commerce fulfillment: Our web-based data-driven technology platform makes it easy for you to see every aspect of your order processing operations. Additionally, you can analyze data, generate sales forecast reports and product reports, as well as set up low inventory alerts to avoid embarrassing and frustrating “out of stock” and “back-ordered” messages that will send online shoppers to other e-commerce sites, losing not only sales but quite possibly customers in the long-term. With low inventory alerts, you can make sure to restock your inventory in enough time to keep your orders going out to your happy customers, without a hiccup.

Phase V Fulfillment 3PL Services is your one-of-a-kind, one-stop-shop for e-commerce fulfillment and traditional retailers, as well. Packing and shipping your orders from one central location maintains consistency and speeds up the entire fulfillment process. Our logistics team is always looking to increase your sales, shorten delivery times, and make your fulfillment processes efficient, stress-free, and seamless.

Contact Phase V for your e-commerce fulfillment. Come grow with us!

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