Expand Your Business With International Fulfillment

Expand Your Business With International Fulfillment

While domestic fulfillment centers help both established and start-up businesses by storing, packaging and shipping their products locally or nationally, international fulfillment centers expand these services by allowing businesses to access overseas markets. Together with the proliferation of the Internet on a global level, international fulfillment centers offer retailers access to many different markets and sales opportunities.

Benefits For The E-Commerce Industry

Using international fulfillment services to expand into international markets helps e-commerce retailers to get access to a broad range of new customers. For e-commerce retailers, more customers are always welcome, but international customers can be especially beneficial when the domestic economy has taken a temporary downturn.

While using the Internet to market products globally has become relatively easy, the logistics and costs of distribution remains a barrier to e-commerce business owners who wish to ship internationally. Handling international shipping orders individually requires business owners to understand and invest in shipping, package tracking, taxes and customs fees. Determining the best shipping rates at a given time takes time and resources away from growing and maintaining your business. Furthermore, customers may not be willing to pay high shipping costs, resulting in a lower volume of sales.

Using a fulfillment service significantly lowers the normally prohibitive cost of international shipping, while enhancing shipping speed and package security. Because of their high shipping volume and relationship with major carriers, an international fulfillment center lowers your cost of shipping, allowing you to pass the savings on to customers. Additionally, you can afford to experiment flexibly in new international markets without a risky investment in the infrastructure required to do so alone. On top of these benefits, using international fulfillment greatly reduces the chance of packages becoming lost (a common risk for inexperienced international shippers).

Phase V’s International Fulfillment Services

Whether you are a well-established business or a startup looking for international fulfillment services, Phase V’s international fulfillment service makes the international fulfillment process completely stress-free. Phase V can be involved in your entire international fulfillment process, or only when the need arises. As with our domestic fulfillment services, your business will benefit from our secure warehouse facilities; expert packaging and tracking capabilities; and timely delivery, all at a low-cost to you. The whole process is fully integrated with your preferred selling platform and online shopping cart, and affords your business a range of flexibility for seasonal sales cycles.

Phase V’s Ft. Myers, Florida warehouse location provides easy access to several major ports, airports and trucking arteries, and Phase V’s international fulfillment easily connects your products to North American, Latin American and Caribbean markets.

In addition to fast, low-cost shipping and state-of-the-art storage facilities, Phase V offers inventory management and highly trained logistics advisers to help streamline your business operations.

At Phase V, our software’s inventory management system lets you view and manage inventory levels at any time, ensuring that you will never be out of a product when a customer needs it. Our accurate and efficient inventory management systems will send you alerts when your inventory is running low, helping you to avoid costly backorder or overstock situations. Phase V’s software also uses web-based reports to notify you of larger issues related to your products. Using up-to-date industry-wide trends and projections, these helpful notifications provide insights about how to stock, reduce or adapt your inventory.

While the logistics of international shipping can pose a difficult problem for individual business owners, Phase V provides your business with a dedicated fulfillment advisor who will actively optimize your fulfillment and supply chain methods for efficiency and cost reduction. The experts at Phase V provide you with all the documentation you will need to remain compliant with all the regulatory requirements here and abroad.

From beginning to end, Phase V’s international fulfillment service is fully integrated for the benefit of you and your customers. You can count on Phase V to design and implement a program that meets your complete satisfaction. Let us be your road map to successful international shipping transactions!

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