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Five Signs It’s Time To Call Phase V To Outsource Your Order Fulfillment

Five Signs It’s Time To Call Phase V To Outsource Your Order Fulfillment

Now that you can see the results of your hard work . . . setting up your own business, building your brand and growing your bottom line, do you sometimes feel like supply chain and order fulfillment needs are running the show? Do you spend excessive time and labor trying to get your ducks in a row instead of focusing on expanding your line to include other products, services or features?

When successful businesses outgrow their space, business owners are faced with growing pains, revolving around renting or buying storage space, hiring and training supply chain staff and squandering their talent pool on managing your increasing business. In a perfect world, business plans include infrastructures that support growth and scale upwards as you grow or downwards in off-seasons.

But who can totally predict consumer actions, allowing for adjustments as your business expands? Then there are other considerations, such as updating your technology for more accurate inventory controls and purchasing new equipment to improve your packing operations. It’s always something. Lately, do you feel yourself coming down with a case of What now? or How do we handle this?

When it’s time to find an affordable third party logistics company to trust your order processing to, let Phase V Fulfillment partner with you

Stop paddling in circles and contact Phase V Fulfillment Company when it’s time to hand over the order processing to a third-party logistics company. We offer as many services as you need, scaled to your needs. Phase V partners with you to grow your business. We get to know your business in order to tailor our services to help you increase sales. Customized for your business, we offer one stop shopping for your fast and friendly order fulfillment operations.

The benefits of outsourcing your order processing operations outweigh the time and money invested in trying to do everything yourself. Five signs it might be a good time to call Phase V to outsource your products include:

  1. Warehousing costs and management take a big chunk out of your day and eat into your profitsYou could store your inventory in our secure facility in North Ft. Myers, Florida, central to major shipping routes, including international ports and interstate highways. Phase V takes the burden and expense of warehouse staff and facility management and maintenance off of you and your staff.


  1. Your staff is devoting too much energy to kitting and shipping detailsPhase V’s expert team of order processing specialists work with your specific packing design plan including handling branded materials and inserts according to your specifications. We partner with you to plan the most time and cost-effective ways to package your products, automating some functions of your packaging process. Flexible and scalable, we can change how your products are processed, adjusting to your needs.  In our shipping department, our shipping gurus guide you towards the most efficient ways to ship your products, expertly navigating multiple delivery options and shipping regulations.


  1. Your inventory technology needs an upgrade to handle increased sales and multi-channel salesPhase V offers an intuitive, easy to use inventory software system that adds layers of control to your order processing operations. Transparent, up to the minute, real time inventory counts keep your stock on track, side-stepping inconvenient and embarrassing out of stock and back order delays. Plus, you can set up low stock alerts in plenty of time to restock your products in our warehouse.


  1. Your warehouse dock has developed a queueYour business is booming and that is great news but not if this means that packages are waiting in a queue to be sent out. If you are going to ship your packages out on time, you cannot afford to be backed up at the warehouse dock. This is a sign that your business has reached a workload that you can no longer handle locally and in order to maintain customer satisfaction, you need to look beyond your own team.


  1. You require dedicated teams for inspection, accuracy and even returns but can’t afford the manpower
    Your sales have skyrocketed and you have enough orders where you now need to hire additional staff to inspect packages and check for accuracybefore packages leave your warehouse. Perhaps, you have also found a need for a team dedicated to processing returns from beginning to end. This additional staff means additional overhead on your end. Are you able to fit that into your budget? Phase V has highly-trained staff ready to take care of all of these tasks for you.

Multi-channel marketing has added new wrinkles into your big picture inventory control operations

Phase V can help build customer experience consistency across your brick and mortar and your multi-channel online ordering. When your orders are packed and shipped from one central location, your customers will get the same satisfaction from each revenue outlet.  Customer consistency is essential in building long term customer loyalty and increasing your sales. Faster and more efficient delivery add up to return business. At Phase V, we are always looking for ways to streamline your order processing to save money and grow your business.

When your order processing operations start taking over more and more of your business day, it means your business is growing. Grow with it! Contact Phase V Fulfillment Services to help you make the jump into more efficient supply chain management.

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