Grow Your Business Today In The USA

Grow Your Business Today In The USA

In recent years, the evolution of e-commerce has reinvented the way we do business, paving the way for companies to reach global audiences. E-Commerce vendors in the US and traditional big brand entities seek global footprints to increase their sales and client bases abroad At the same time, companies based outside the US also endeavor to globalize their brands with a US presence. Prior to the technological advances that normalized shopping online, companies outside the US often opened branch offices in the US to better manage their global operations from a local perspective. This complicated process involved not only many legal twists and turns but companies often encountered issues in connection with:

  • Cultural differences
  • Language barriers
  • Bank currency conversions
  • Time zones and work schedules
  • Metric system conversions
  • Shipping costs that vary from state to state
  • Time and effort acquiring or renting office spaces
  • Training personnel to run their branch offices

Outsourcing All Or Some Fulfillment Operations To A US-Based Third-Party Logistics Company

Today, international companies based outside the US that desire to expand their businesses can take advantage of many stress-free options. One of the easiest ways to grow your business in the US, as a startup or a widely recognized brand, is to outsource your fulfillment operations to a third-party logistics company located in the US.

Phase V Fulfillment Company Offers Many Flexible Solutions For US Expansion

Whether your needs include direct to consumer distribution, B2B services to retailers and stores, or a hybrid of multi-channel support for eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other outlets, Phase V will work with you to understand your needs and implement solutions that save your company money by reducing shipping and management costs. Our logistics professionals are available to help you with any aspect that will ultimately help you grow your business in the US. Among these are distribution plans, comprehensive customized fulfillment services, warehousing, customer service and inventory management.

Phase V Can Step In To:


  • Prepare your products to meet Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Package your products for various retailers, with custom labeling, colors, and graphics
  • Ensure your products comply with all shipping regulations
  • Configure the most cost-effective distribution plan for your products
  • Ensure your orders arrive at their destinations on-time and intact
  • Provide 24-hour bi-lingual support for customer service returns and questions

Our Comprehensive Fulfillment And Distribution Services

We can help streamline your entire supply chain operations, designing a plan of action specifically tailored to your business needs. Phase V offers:

·         An Excellent Location

Located in Ft. Myers, Florida, Phase V connects Latin American and North American markets with service that extends from coast-to-coast. Our proximity to international airports and shipping lines saves your company time and money in the onboarding process, as well as when restocking your products. We warehouse your products in our secure, ambient temperature facility. Convenient to major Interstate highways, we can transport your products all over the country via major trucking routes.

·         Packing And Shipping Expertise

Phase V packing professionals assemble and package your products to meet the specifications required by your different sales outlets. We have personnel availability to meet the demands of increasing sales and reduce packing staff during down cycles. Our strategic plan to grow your business is constantly evaluated for cost savings throughout each process. To implement the most cost-efficient way to ship your products, you can offer your customers a full spectrum of carrier and delivery options, such as next day or 3-day delivery with Phase V’s shipping analytics working to reduce costs and transit times.

·         Keeping Track Of Your Inventory

Through our data-driven web-based inventory technology, you can monitor your orders in real time online. Using our real time updates, you can monitor and manage your inventory 24/7. You and your customers can track the progress of orders from our warehouse to the final delivery destination.  Our fully transparent reporting optimizes the communication channel to keep all operations flowing smoothly.

·         Web-Based Technology Integrates With Shopping Carts And Facilitates Backorder Logistics

Our technology integrates with your multi-channel shopping carts for seamless transactions. Phase V’s state-of-the-art web-based dashboard provides you with advanced backorder logistics, simply setup low inventory alerts and automatically restock your products at a pre-determined level. This feature helps minimize lost sales and shopping cart abandonment.

For international companies with manufacturing plants on the other side of the world, low inventory alerts add a level of security to your inventory management processes. With the ability to check order statuses, create and edit orders, as well as generate data analysis reports, your company can improve on sales strategies, forecast sales cycles, and so much more.

·         Customer Support: A Crucial Element

Phase V’s network of extensively trained customer support representatives are available to answer your customers’ questions and resolve any order issues that may arise. Our customers can communicate with our logistics professionals through their preferred method, whether it is email or a phone call, our representatives will promptly assist you. . Our customer service personnel are knowledgeable about your products and will strive to answer any inquiry in a 24-hour period.


Thinking about the most stress-free, cost-efficient way to grow your business in the US market? As a third-party logistics provider for over 35 years, Phase V’s success with a growing list of clients in a wide variety of industries just may be the option that will best serve your expansion. We can help you with any aspect of your US expansion plans with our comprehensive, one-stop fulfillment services.  Call us today to help you automate your US operations, taking the guesswork out of what can be a daunting process for many companies.

Contact Phase V Fulfillment to help make your US expansion a success!

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