How Can You Streamline Your Business With 3PL In The New Year?

How Can You Streamline Your Business With 3PL In The New Year?

The third-party logistics (3PL) industry has been growing in the US due to its proven capacity to streamline fulfillment services and allow brands to concentrate on their core business initiatives.  Additionally, with shoppers preferring to shop online, managing your supply chain operations more efficiently and affordably can save your business money while increasing sales, as you continue to grow. Phase V 3PL services can customize your fulfillment operations to align with your needs.

Phase V offers economical shipping rates for small as well as large order volumes

From small to large order volumes, Phase V can help reduce the costs associated with shipping. We partner with you, learning about your business to help automate your order processing operations from onboarding to delivery. Our business model is built to scale up or down depending on your order volumes. With the ability to add more hands to the pick and pack process during busy cycles and cut back during off-seasons, Phase V strives to save your company money whenever possible.

Our fulfillment operations are geared to work with small or large volumes

Following your specifications, our skilled packing team assembles your orders, accurately and efficiently, to cut down on returns, whether it’s a small order consisting of one product or a large order with many SKUs involved. With branded invoices, packing slips and your own customized packing procedures and materials, your orders will look like they came from you.

Phase V offers many delivery options for your orders

Delivering your orders intact and on time is our priority and Phase V’s shipping logistics makes it easy for you to offer your customers a variety of delivery options and carriers. Our shipping team understands freight regulations and always looks for ways to minimize your shipping costs, finding the most affordable and efficient ways to get your orders to your customers as fast as possible.

Customer experience is important in order to grow your brand

Now, more than ever, with more online retailers, consumers have more shopping choices at their fingertips than ever before. Customer experience is important in retaining customers, building customer loyalty and sparking return sales. Customer experience is currently driving the race for shorter delivery times. One of the other most effective tools for good customer experience lies in the ability of shoppers to speak to a live representative at any time about their orders or products. Phase V’s customer service team is available to address any questions your customers have and provide solutions in a timely fashion. Exemplary customer service goes a long way with customers, especially when online shopping, where it can be challenging to speak with someone without jumping through a lot of electronic hoops.

Phase V’s  data-driven technology provides the tools you need to manage your orders


  • You can view your inventory in real-time at any time.


  • You can analyze your order data to better forecast sales volumes for upcoming seasons.


  • Our user-friendly dashboard gives you the ability to stay on top of order volumes throughout the year.


  • You can create and edit orders.


  • You can easily set up low inventory alerts that let you know when to restock your inventory in time to avoid out of stock messages and backorder situations that send customers to competitors.


Need inventory replacement last minute?

In the event a vendor runs low or runs out, Phase V can help replenish your vendors’ supply in order to prevent a loss in sales after the prime holiday season. Staying on track managing your multi-channel ordering in the new year can be a lot less stressful when you coordinate your orders into one system. Our technology integrates with most e-commerce shopping carts to give you more control over your different outlets.

Phase V teams up with you to grow your company and  streamline your fulfillment operations


  • With all of your fulfillment operations under one roof, you can take on the new year with your company’s growth initiatives at the forefront of your operations. We work alongside your company, as a one-of-a-kind, one-stop-shop for all of your fulfillment needs.


  • We store and manage your inventory in our secure facility, keeping your inventory at the optimal temperature and lighting settings.


  • We work with you, customizing your fulfillment processes to meet your order volumes.


  • We pack and ship your orders as if they came from you.


  • We take great care to address and resolve your customers’ concerns and answer any questions they have.


  • We source the best ways to ship large or small volumes.


See how Phase V can get your 2020 off to an excellent start. Partner with us to grow your business in the New Year!

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