How To Put Kitting And Assembly Services To Work For Your Business

How To Put Kitting And Assembly Services To Work For Your Business

When your products need some form of assembly, and most do, either on an individual or bulk basis, you’ll need the space in a secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature-controlled environment, a plan to arrange and place everything that goes with your product into a container of some kind. Items going into your final product may include user manuals, promotional literature, accessories and components, including adapters, cords, straps, chargers and the like. The process of assembling packages with all of the components that comprise your final product is known in the fulfillment industry as “kitting”.  This often-tedious process, like storing and shipping your own products redirects a considerable portion of your human resources away from the business of developing, manufacturing and selling your goods.

Studies show that pre-assembled kits streamline the packaging and shipping process, so your packages only need shipping labels and they’re off to your customer faster. Even if your products have custom options, we can devise a system to get your kits assembled in as many ways as you need.

Phase V Fulfillment Services Specializes In Getting Your Product Assembled, Packaged And Shipped As Efficiently And As Fast As Possible

In our secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature-controlled facilities in North Ft Myers, FL, we commit our space, time and technology to processing your orders from the sale to the delivery.  Our logistics experts keep your product’s best interests in mind, helping you first decide the best container and visuals for your product’s packaging.


  • We devise a schematic with size, and placement specifications, and all other information we need to assemble your kit.


  • Our kitting and assembly personnel dedicate their work to the details of assembling your finished product packaging.


Phase V kitting and assembly services work for a variety of different businesses from retail to manufacturing to hospitality.

Gift sets, gift baskets and gift bags

Bath sets, delectable chocolates and appreciation gift bags are obvious products that benefit from Phase V kitting and assembly services. Pre-determined sets can be packed and palleted with their own easily mapped SKUs, or in the case of perishables, pre-kitted according to sales projections for different seasons. Thank you and appreciation bags can be assembled to send to many accounts or a bulk of business conference bags can be sent to your upcoming event without a problem.

Trade Show Displays

Along with assembling your trade show display components, Phase V’s large scale kitting capabilities can include promotional literature, stickers and decals and promotional giveaways and gift bags, so your brand growing efforts can focus on new or existing customers.

Press Kits

For trade shows and business conferences, Phase V assembles press kits that showcase your products and highlight your business. Along with literature and image sheets, in eye-catching custom covers or folders, you may want to include a disc or a convenient customized flash drive with digital info and images.

Making an impression with product launches

Got a new product you want to get noticed? Retail launch kits act like three dimensional pamphlets and brochures, giving retailers something to talk to their customers about. Some ideas for retail launch kits include promotional items, such as samples, key chains and t-shirts as part of your kit, plus discount coupons and literature or video presentations of your product in action.

Retail Launch Kits

Kitting and assembly services make excellent solutions to launching new products and promoting your existing line. Phase V will work with you to design retail launch kits and assemble them to be ready when you want them.

Retail Product Displays

Phase V takes the guesswork out of retail product displays and POP displays, assembling units that are ready to set when they arrive at your retail locations. We ensure each unit meets the specific specs for your products to standout and increase sales.

Special Promotions

Kitting services come in handy for marketing new products or showcasing a current product that you want to move.  Alcoholic beverages are often sold along with promotional items, such as logo shakers, glasses, t-shirts and samples of new products.  Athletic goods are often promoted with accompanying logo stickers, decals, caps or water bottles.

Phase V Kitting and Assembly solutions can take the whole process of getting your products into perfect packages, assembled and ready to go in far less time, without enlarging your staff for these specific duties and acquiring or renting secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature-controlled warehouse spaces to store your products, packing and shipping materials and kitted palettes.

We work with you from container design to the finished package and also ship your product with affordable, all-in-one fulfillment solutions that get your products to your customers fast! Contact Phase V today to turbo charge your business with our professional kitting and assembly services!

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