List Maintenance For Successful Direct Mail

List Maintenance For Successful Direct Mail

It’s been proven: a direct mail campaign is a prosperous way to inform a large number of people and businesses of a specific profile. Although, even if you have a cutting-edge graphic design and message, you need to perform list maintenance for a truly successful direct mail campaign.
If your business doesn’t take the time to perform such a task, you could be wasting money on marketing that will never be retrieved. Use these simple tips to keep your direct mail database up to date and your efforts effective.

Categorize Direct Mail:

When starting a new direct mail campaign, it is important to determine the target audience. Will the target audience be people of a specific nature, and receive personalized mail (this is what we like to call addressed mail). Or will your target audience be a general audience (which will receive unaddressed mail).

Many times personal mail is addressed specifically to the perspective client. While unaddressed mail is sent to an entity and the receiver or reviewer of the following information is unknown.

If you do choose to send unaddressed direct mail, we highly recommend tracking and recording the results. As this is more of a general campaign, you will want to test and see what works and what does not.

Going The Extra Mile:

If your business decided to send personalized direct mail, you will have to take additional steps to continuously maintain your direct mail database.

    • Keep your main list simple. Apply the following basics to your list: company name, contact name, position and contact information. Save the complex direct mail list for your sales team to manage.
    • Update your list once a year. Make additional accommodations for changes in company names, contact person, and so forth, when informed.
    • Make revisions of spelling and format errors.
    • Review for duplicate contacts

To help speed up this process, we recommend using a database, such as a CRM, which auto format data, and secures such delicate information for authorized members only, and reduces error and missing information.

All-in-all this might not seem like a lot of work, but it is absolutely crucial for a successful direct mail campaign. If you take the time to follow these recommendations other departments outside of marketing and sales will benefit as well.

For assistance, and the guidance of an expert call your local direct fulfillment provider today.

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