Multi-Channel Fulfillment: How To Structure The Right Fulfillment Process For Your Company

Multi-Channel Fulfillment: How To Structure The Right Fulfillment Process For Your Company

Today, in our ever-increasing mobile lifestyles, shoppers search a number of different sites on a number of different devices.  Shoppers, not limited to brick and mortar store hours, can order your products at any time of day from just about anywhere. Capitalizing on fluid consumer habits, you can grow your brand presence exponentially and convert more sales by selling your products in more than one place. While multi-channel marketing can increase sales and brand awareness, it also presents inventory control nightmares, trying to keep your supply chain moving smoothly without getting into trouble with inconvenient out of stock and back order situations.

The key to expertly managing your multi-channel marketing starts with centralizing your inventory so that your products can be packed and shipped from one location and your inventory software designed to track and update your inventory in real time. Streamlining your fulfillment process saves your company money and valuable human resources.

Phase V Multi-Channel Fulfillment Services Keep Your Products Moving Smoothly

Phase V’s multi-channel fulfillment services integrate with our warehouse, our pick and pack services and our shipping process to make sure your products move smoothly with the same quality of service from start to finish. Whether you sell your products on eBay, Etsy, Amazon or your own website, Phase V can keep your inventory updated in real time.

Creating Consistent Customer Experiences On Multiple Channels Drives Brand Loyalty

Your customers may shop at your physical location, as well as order your products online. Over the phone, in store or on a website, you want your customers to return to purchase your products time and time again. Consistent customer experiences should extend across all channels. Keeping your inventory current builds your customer loyalty, as well as increasing brand awareness and boosting your sales. With 24/7 support and inventory transparency, Phase V can also help manage shopping cart integration to enhance consistency across all of your brand’s channels.

Our Multi-Channel Software Gives You Insights About Channel Management

Our multi-channel inventory software system allows you to analyze data and allows our customer service specialists to field customer inquiries in a timely fashion.


  • Learn which systems are performing successfully.


  • Review orders by status with our up to the minute status reports.


  • Track orders 24/7 regardless of whether your products are shipped standard, overnight or by other options.


  • Rest assured that all orders sold through multiple channels will move through our warehouse processing and management system, expediently and accurately.


  • Tracking information about your orders is available at your fingertips, 24/7.


  • You and your clients can access your inventory in order to control and monitor inventory and order levels, with our technology that offers complete visibility.


  • Receive low inventory alerts giving you time to replenish your inventory without any annoying hiccups in your supply chain.


The need to market your product in more than one place meets the demands of an increasing trend in online shopping. Taking on the challenges of multi-channel marketing in-house can negatively affect productivity. Wasting time and energy chasing inventory instead of focusing on new product development and implementation will hinder your success.

Partnering with Phase V Fulfillment Services streamlines your ordering, packing, shipping, customer care and inventory tracking services, with our fulfillment specialists and our state-of-the-art inventory software system. Our software is designed with layers of security measures in place for your protection.

As online shopping gains more of today’s market share, your customers tend to be everywhere, at any time of the day. Multi-channel marketing can help grow your company and your brand presence; Phase V can help keep you on track. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help streamline your multi-channel ordering process.

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