Multiple Sales Channels? Understand The Basics Of Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment

Multiple Sales Channels? Understand The Basics Of Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment

With the development of ecommerce and an expanding trend in online shopping, your customers can order from multiple-sales channels. While selling on multiple channels opens up new opportunities for increasing sales and growing your brand, chances are you are experiencing challenges managing inventory and fulfilling orders across these various channels. At Phase V Fulfillment Company, we make your order processing and inventory management simple, affordable and tailored to your business’s supply chain profile.

How Does Multi-Channel Inventory Work And What Are Your Options As A Business?

As a comprehensive, one-stop shop for all of your order processing needs, Phase V’s third-party logistics company is set up to integrate with your shopping carts, process your orders and keep inventory level accurate in real time. Many individual sellers, small businesses, as well as major retailers use Amazon Fulfillment Services to navigate the complicated waters of multi-channel ecommerce and inventory management.

While Amazon offers many software tools to help with packaging, tracking and shipping rates, you almost need a class to successfully utilize their fulfillment services. Amazon offers complete fulfillment services as well but it too needs a great deal of attention to detail to avoid extra fees for options.  If your business needs to get back to focusing on new products, instead of spending valuable time understanding and optimizing your supply chain management, perhaps it’s time to contact Phase V for your fulfillment needs. In the fulfillment business since 1980, we partner with you to help your business grow, always on the lookout for ways to save you money. Here’s how we work:


  • Phase V receives your product in our secure facilities in North Ft. Myers, Florida.


  • Our onboarding staff immediately runs checks on your inventory for quality, as well as quantity.


  • We configure your packaging process, automating steps, when possible, to get your products out the door and into your customer’s hands on time. Phase V packaging pros follow your brand’s packaging design, so your items look like they were hand packaged by you.


  • We use form-fitting foam cushioning, high quality protective wrapping materials and customized packaging assemblies to keep your products in pristine condition during shipping.


  • Because we are centrally located near major shipping lanes, highways and international airports, we can keep your shipping costs down. Our expert and experienced shipping department knows freight and weight regulations, so you don’t have to do the math. Our shipping specialists work to efficiently ship your products with multiple delivery options available.



Inventory Management Made Simple

When it comes to keeping levels of inventory current, our easy-to-use software interface keeps you in-the-know and your customers informed with available tracking information. Additionally, you can:


  • Set up low level alerts that are immediately sent to your office, in time to restock your inventory. Avoiding back order and out-of-stock situations helps grow your brand, increasing sales.


  • Generate forecasting reports that help in planning production cycles.


  • Analyze seasonal variances, adding order processing personnel, during your busier times and cutting back staff, during your off-season.


  • Process returns in the same timely fashion as original orders.



Centralized Location Is Key To Order Processing Operations

Processing all of your orders through one centralized location, not only saves you money and time, but also enhances the customer experience, driving sales through consistency. Studies have shown that consistency in customer experience brings consumers back to one of your channels because they know they can rely on your brand to deliver quality products, on time, time after time. Building brand loyalty works to move your company forward.

When Your Customers Do Have Questions Or Concerns, Phase V Serves Up Exceptional Customer Care

At Phase V, customer care is beyond important. We train our customer service associates rigorously to provide the answers and solutions to concerns presented by your customers. We strive to ensure your customers are our priority.

Phase V’s Centralized Operations Offer Many Residual Benefits For Your Company’s Bottom Line

Because we have multiple clients, we can offer some specialized services at significant savings. Some of these services include:


  • Printing marketing materials, such as inserts, coupons and brochures.


  • Repairing and refurbishing returned products. Reselling returned products at a considerable discount decreases financial losses.


  • Retailers can manage their returns for credit and exchanges through our advanced, easy to use software program that integrates effortlessly with your vendor’s online shopping cart.


Managing your multi-channel marketing operations can be challenging, keeping accurate inventory counts and maintaining inventory levels to correspond to sales in real time, without running into awkward back order and out of stock situations that send your online customers to a different vendor. While Amazon Fulfillment Services can help individual sellers and small businesses get started, you practically have to go to Amazon school to get the most out of the available options that fit your budget. An additional handicap with these services is that it is very difficult to get someone from customer service on the phone.

Or, you could partner with Phase V Fulfillment Company and let us handle all of your order processing and inventory management operations with a personal touch. As opposed to Amazon, we provide flexible customer service where you can call us any time, as many times as you need in order to meet your requirements and answer all of your questions.  We’re here for you and your commercial success. Trust Phase V for affordable, innovative supply chain management solutions that save you money and grow your brand.

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