Order Tracking: Let Your Customers Know When To Expect Their Orders

Order Tracking: Let Your Customers Know When To Expect Their Orders

E-commerce has improved and advanced significantly over the past few years. Consumers are more comfortable with online shopping and placing orders online than ever before. Since they have order tracking, customers are now aware of shipping status and delivery times. Unlike walking into a physical location and walking out with products in hand, online shoppers must navigate online shopping carts. Ensuring your customers feel confident that their online orders will arrive on time and in good condition should be one of your top priorities. Expedient, on-time delivery in the e-commerce environment is essential to sustain businesses and promote future sales. When customers can count on you for fast delivery, you can build a solid following for your brand. Companies working towards establishing and growing their brands know you can’t beat repeat business. Repeat orders and referrals from your loyal customers foster long-term relationships and exponential growth.

Order Tracking Fosters Transparency

Online order tracking keeps your customers involved in the shipping process, making it easier for them to know the status of their order without even having to contact a customer service member from your team.  Sending shipping confirmation emails also gives customers the ability to track their order’s progress and allows the customer to plan for the arrival of their shipment. Being able to plan when the shipment will arrive facilitates the process for the customer so they can ensure someone is available to receive the order. Order tracking adds a layer of transparency and keeps customers in the know about their orders.

Reduce Call Volumes

With the power of order tracking at their fingertips, your customers no longer feel the need to contact your customer support representatives with order arrival inquiries. Order tracking minimizes your customers’ concerns and allows your customer service team to focus on customers with returns and exchanges in a timely manner.

Operating At Optimal Levels Requires Significant Time And High Labor Overheads

Fulfillment services and inventory management require a significant amount of time and money for most companies to achieve consistent on-time delivery standards.

Resourceful and knowledgeable customer service representatives stand out, as the voice of your brand. Having a live representative available for your customers can eliminate any apprehensions your client might face about placing orders online.

Cost-effective shipping and optimized carrier management programs, coordinated with a variety of shipping options take a great commitment to logistics. Moreover, there must be extensive labor involved to keep all orders moving through the order fulfillment system on time, securely, and with extreme accuracy.  Automating your supply chain services and inventory management systems with dedicated, data-driven technology can improve your turnaround time and increase sales from satisfied customers.

Packaging orders require skill and knowledge of appropriate protective packaging for a variety of different products as well as following brand consistency standards and specifications With a dedicated fulfillment company, like Phase V, your company can perform all these specific, time-sensitive tasks and still focus on developing and producing new products. To enhance your fulfillment program and inventory management operations, consider a third-party fulfillment company that can optimize one or all of your order processes

Phase V Fulfillment Company’s Third-Party Logistics Team Works With Your Company To Streamline Your Supply Chain Processes

    • Learning about your company, Phase V partners with you in a hands-on environment to save you money and time in all of your supply chain and fulfillment processes.
    • We make order tracking simple. Phase V clients just add a button or link from their e-commerce shopping cart that integrates seamlessly with our state-of-the-art software. After we send your customer a shipping confirmation email, you and your customers can track orders throughout the shipping process.
    • In addition to tracking outgoing orders, Phase V shipping professionals save you money on inbound orders as well. Processing and shipping replacement products and exchanges, our customer service team strives to improve the speed and accuracy of replacements and exchanges, shipping them in the same amount of time as initial orders, whether the returned products were received from your customer or from a retailer.
    • From our user-friendly, web-based dashboard, you can manage your orders effectively, check return statuses, create orders and edit existing orders, as well as monitor your inventory levels, in real time.
    • With Phase V’s dynamic software, you can avoid back-order situations and out-of-stock messages. You can set up low inventory alerts that tell your office when to restock items in plenty of time to fulfill orders.
    • Our sophisticated, intuitive software helps quickly manage exchanges and credits, keeping your customers satisfied and opening doors for future sales. Phase V’s system instantly integrates with your shopping cart, as our customer service managers follow your reverse flow protocol to protect items that can be returned to your inventory or refurbished according to your specified instructions and agreement.

From warehousing to fulfillment, to promoting transparency in the shipping process, Phase V works with your company to help you expand your business. Order tracking made easy is just one of the ways we help you grow your brand.

Contact Phase V to ask about how we can customize your brand’s fulfillment processes and inventory management operations to increase sales and save you money at the same time.

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