Outsourced Small Business And Startup Order Fulfillment: The Advantages

Outsourced Small Business And Startup Order Fulfillment: The Advantages

As a startup or small business, outsourcing your order processing operations may not seem like a distant blip on your business plan’s radar. After all, you’re just starting out or you’re small enough to manage your supply line in-house. At Phase V Fulfillment Company, our third-party logistics are geared to your customized order processing needs, featuring professionals that partner with you from the start to ensure your orders get properly packed and delivered to your customers in the fastest, most efficient and affordable ways possible. You don’t need big, long term commitments and minimums, as a small or young company; you need to partner with a fulfillment company that wants to help you grow. That’s what Phase V for small businesses and startups is all about.

At Phase V Fulfillment Company, we partner with small companies of all kinds

While we offer comprehensive fulfillment solutions, we tailor your fulfillment needs to your budget and brand needs. We want to get to know your company in order to help you grow. Our fulfillment system offers affordable, simple, convenient and flexible solutions to managing your order processing and inventory operations. Our team of product handling experts can help you get on the fast track to increased sales, while simplifying your sales and product handling processes.

Warehousing and onboarding cut real estate expenses and labor concerns out of your business plan

Our onboarding process is fast and painless. With your products and packaging supplies secured in a dedicated section of our secure facilities in North Ft. Myers, Florida, close to all major shipping lanes, your packing and shipping operations move faster, getting into your customers’ hands on time or before schedule.

Pick and Pack 

Phase V’s team strives to be economical and completely stress free for our customers. We work with our clients to customize the pick and pack shipping process to make sure your customers receive their shipments when expected, without any surprises.

Kitting and Final Assembly

Our professional kitting team handles all of your package assembly details, following your specifically designed plan, including marketing materials and product inserts. We can even adjust labor needs during your off-season cycles and can scale up to meet increasing demands.

Shipping makes the difference to build profit margins

Phase V’s shipping crew, armed with their extensive knowledge of shipping weight and freight regulations send your products, cost-efficiently and seamlessly to their destinations, easily adapting to the details of multiple shipping options, for your customer’s convenience. Tracking info is always available for your customers as well.

Receiving your domestic and international deliveries

Your inventory will arrive directly at our warehouse and our Phase V team of experts will take charge to make sure the order arrives complete and in good condition. You no longer need to worry about having dedicated staff members ready to handle these tasks when your shipments arrive. As your order is unboxed, it will be organized and placed in the proper place within our warehouse and your inventory records will be updated immediately.

User-friendly inventory software system keeps you informed in real-time

Phase V inventory software keeps you in touch with your stock amounts, with multiple user access and real time inventory counts that add transparency to your operations for you and your retailers.

Low inventory alerts let you know when to restock your products. Out of stock and back ordering can get into some messy customer relations, whereas, generating low inventory alerts saves money and time so your customers get their products, when they want them. You can also check an order’s status and generate sales forecasts to help further manage your inventory.

Consistent customer experience goes a long way in building brand loyalty, increasing sales

Whether your customer purchases your product at your physical retail location or whether they buy from your online store, on Amazon, eBay or a multitude of other channels, they expect the same quality experience every time. Funneling all of your order processing operations into one, centralized location presents a unified, confident front that will bring customers back to try more products as well as to try some new items. Shipping from one location streamlines your shipping costs, as well.

Phase V Fulfillment Company adds value to your start up by coaching you and working with you to grow your business right. Growing with no real plan in place can derail your progress in a myriad of ways.  Streamlining your order processes can take a lot of the strain off of your day-to-day brand development and production initiatives. You don’t need a lot of capital to partner with Phase V. Our unique fulfillment system fits into your budget to increase sales and save you money as a small business or when you’re just starting out. Contact Phase V; we know how to grow with you.

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