Phase V’s Top Tips For Avoiding Backorders

Phase V’s Top Tips For Avoiding Backorders

Backorders can be logistical setbacks, at any time, especially during the holiday season. E-commerce sites can take a big hit as consumers easily click to another site to purchase products to avoid the back-order problem. Not only does your company lose the sale, consumers become wary of returning to purchase other items on your site. No business wants a customer’s first impression to be their last.  Not being ready for the holidays can lead to canceled orders and increased returns, additional shipping costs with expedited or rush shipping fees incurred to make up for lost time, all result in lost profits during a delivery time-sensitive season.

Did you know you can avoid back-orders, with proper inventory management, improved order fulfillment and inventory monitoring software in place before the season?  Turn back-order nightmares into sweet dreams for you and your customers. Let Phase V Fulfillment Company step in and manage your orders for you. Outsourcing your fulfillment operations can increase your sales, with consistent on-time deliveries and a communication system with built-in transparency. Here are our top tips for avoiding backorders and how we help clients within this area of their business.

Phase V Fulfillment Company’s Inventory Software Provides Real-Time Visibility

From the time we receive your inventory in our secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature facilities in Ft. Myers, Florida to the time your products reach your customers, we track your products, using SKUs (Shop Keeping Units) that identify your products. With real time inventory monitoring, you can view your accurate inventory status at any time.

Inventory Alerts Giving You Time To Restock

The holiday season can get a little hectic, with in-store sales, website specials and keeping up with multi-channel marketing orders. Phase V’s data-driven, web-based inventory software features functions that can keep your order processes flowing smoothly, throughout your prime season and beyond. You can set low inventory alerts to be sent to your office when your inventory moves faster than you planned. Low inventory alerts allow you time to restock your products without any internal holiday drama or hiccups.

Our Easy-To-Use Inventory Software Keeps You Current

You can perform many tasks that help organize and customize your inventory management operations. You can analyze sales data and forecast seasonal sales demands, compare product performances, plan production schedules and so much more. Our specialized inventory software easily allows you to check order statuses, view invoices, edit existing orders, check return statuses, track orders throughout the shipping process and more.

Phase V Customer Service Reps Ensure Communication Lines Are Always Available

Because e-commerce customers can shop from anywhere, at any time, Phase V’s rigorously-trained customer service reps are available to address any concerns your customers may encounter with their orders. Exceptional customer service builds good relationships with your customers. If a back-order situation should occur, our customer service reps are there to resolve the situation promptly.

Consistent Customer Experience Creates Strong Brand Loyalty

Whether your customer shops in your physical location or purchases from your online store or website, Phase V strengthens your brand by consistently delivering what your customers expect. Brand loyalty increases sales with return business and referrals. With very few back-orders, shipping errors or lost packages, brand loyalty will continue to help grow your business for years to come.

Shipping From One Location Makes It Easier To Manage Orders From Multiple Channels

When all of your orders are shipped from one location, our Phase V shipping pros always try to find the most cost-efficient, expedient way to get your products to your customers. We are able to save your company money while increasing your shipping volume. Our team of shipping experts can customize shipping options your customers will appreciate, such as preferred carriers and future shipping.

Phase V Can Help You Automate Your Order Processing Operations

Back-order control and inventory management are just a couple of the ways Phase V can help automate your supply chain flow. Our one-stop shop for all of your fulfillment needs can streamline your order processing. From pick & pack to shipping and tracking, we partner with you to increase shipping volume and customer satisfaction as our common goal, along with saving you money, whenever possible.

Phase V has been in the fulfillment industry for over 30 years. With flexible and scalable solutions for your growing business, we work with your expansion plan to help you grow into your visions. Back-orders can be rare occasions with Phase V’s help. Contact us today to find out how we can automate your order processes.

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