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Pick & Pack Services : How To Improve Efficiency And Reduce Costs

Pick & Pack Services : How To Improve Efficiency And Reduce Costs

Today, customers expect to get their packages delivered quickly. How is it possible to meet these customers’ expectations while handling the everyday requirements of running a business? The most effective solution is to use a pick and pack service, which provides a straightforward and simplified approach to order fulfillment. The term “pick and pack service” essentially refers to a shipment model in which items are selected (“picked”) from a warehouse’s shelves according to the customer’s order; after they are picked, the items are immediately packaged (“packed”), labeled and shipped to the customer. Because the pick and pack process of order fulfillment requires warehouse space, equipment, employees and coordination, many businesses outsource the pick and pack process to a third party warehouse and fulfillment service. Businesses using pick and pack services greatly benefit from this full-service, “end-to-end” solution.

The Process: Picking And Packing

Modern warehouses offering pick and pack services use warehouse fulfillment software to integrate the entire fulfillment process, from the customer’s initial order to the moment of delivery. When a customer completes an order using a business’s online store, the order information is immediately received at the warehouse. The order information includes details such as the list of items ordered, date and time of order and shipping labels. The warehouse associate receives these order details along with information about where the ordered items can be found in the warehouse. Once provided with these details, the warehouse employee completes the “pick” part of the process. After being “picked,” the item is scanned to update the seller’s inventory.

The next step is to package the order using a container, such as an envelope or box, and any packing materials needed to ensure the items’ safety. The order fulfillment technology used by pick and pack services can automatically determine the type and size of packaging to be used for the ordered items, thus removing any time-consuming guesswork from the equation. Delicate items are packaged with materials to protect against any potential damage. The warehouse associate also utilizes any branding guidelines, custom packaging and other specifications requested by the seller. This way, the package appears to have been shipped directly from the seller.

Finally, the packaged order is processed for shipping and affixed with the appropriate shipping labels. The package is then handed off to the cost-effective shipping service of the seller’s choice. At this stage of the process, the warehouse sends an automated shipment notice email to the customer and the seller along with a link that provides tracking information.

How Pick And Pack Services Improve The Efficiency Of Your Distribution Process

Getting orders out to customers while running a business takes a lot of work. Stocking goods, training warehouse staff, maintaining warehouse space and overseeing the ordering fulfillment process require significant amounts of time and operating costs. As you can see, pick and pack services cover the ordering and shipping process from end to end, with no direct involvement required from the seller. Collaborating with a pick and pack service allows a business owner to have flexibility and focus on the important aspects of running a business.

Whatever the size of a company, pick and pack services improve operating costs. Orders can come in all sizes and combinations, so any business needs to be stocked with various sizes of boxes along with the state-of the-art packing materials for safety. Since pick and pack services are working at a high volume, they are equipped with the materials to package orders while passing savings on to the business.

Because the pick and pack warehouse is completely focused on fulfilling orders, it gets orders out immediately. With the help of a pick and pack service, customer orders will never be backed up. The warehouse environment is designed with total efficiency in mind. Items in the warehouse are optimally arranged for easy and accurate access. Warehouse management software precisely coordinates all aspects of the ordering process, while warehouse associates are expertly trained in using order fulfillment technology and ensuring the safety and accuracy of orders. This means that customers are unlikely to receive a damaged or incorrect order, which can further slow down the fulfillment process and cost your business. Customers who experience a pick and pack service’s consistency, speed and care will gladly return to do business in the future.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment process to a pick and pack service ensures your customers receive their orders as quickly as possible, while allowing you to focus on the real work of running a business, such as maintaining your store, communicating with customers and expanding the business. Contact Phase V for information about our pick and pack services and learn how we can help your bottom line.

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