Prepare For Amazon Prime Day With Phase V Fulfillment Solutions

Prepare For Amazon Prime Day With Phase V Fulfillment Solutions

Prime Day is the epitome of eCommerce sales. Last year alone, it is estimated that Amazon sales reached $10.4 billion. This whopping number was achieved even despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused disruption in the fulfillment industry.

Not only is Prime Day huge for Amazon, but it also drives traffic and conversions for eCommerce sellers who are not on Amazon. In what is now called the Prime Day Halo effect, non-Amazon retailers are also benefited. eCommerce retailers can see increases in traffic up to 17%, conversions rates up to 13%, and a 76% sales increase. All of this data is from Prime Day 2020 alone.

Bearing in mind these massive statistics, you should take advantage of the opportunity, while also preparing to cope with the influx of orders.

Prepare Your Prime Day Marketing

Although traffic increases, it doesn’t mean that customers will simply jump to your website and buy just because it is Prime Day. Customers will buy from your site if you have great marketing that drives them to your website and makes them want to buy. Taking this into consideration, try creating a more aggressive PPC campaign and advertise your deals on social media. Create discounted bundles for the occasion, or create special discounts and create a sense of urgency to sell your products on that day.

Stock Up

The increased number of orders on that day is only comparable to the holiday season. However, during the holiday season, you can deal with the increased amount over a few weeks, not during only one day like Prime Day. Make sure you have plenty of stock to avoid backorders- your customers will appreciate it.

Check Your Delivery Providers

90% of eCommerce consumers say that shipping is a deciding incentive for placing an order. Whether it be free shipping only for Prime Day, or free two-day shipping year-round, fast and inexpensive shipping options will positively influence your customers’ decision. Make sure to calculate the additional costs of shipping in your bundles or discounted products to encourage customers to purchase from you rather than a competitor.

Team Up With The Right Fulfillment Partner

A top fulfillment company guides you through the entire fulfillment process and helps you capitalize on opportunities like Prime Day while making sure that your orders are successful, efficient, and timely. Whether you are using fulfillment by Amazon or fulfilling independently, Phase V and our friendly, professional customer service representatives will assist you every step of the way. We are fully versed in FBA requirements and can quickly onboard your company.

Don’t stress about Amazon Prime Day fulfillment, contact Phase V for a free quote and get started today!

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