Guide to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Guide to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Quality direct mail is key to a successful direct marketing campaign. Some may argue that quantity is more relevant than quality (as the expression goes, “bigger is better”), but this just isn’t true.

When it comes to direct mail, keep in mind that if you multiply the amount of mail to be sent, you are also multiplying the cost of printing, list rental, postage, and mailing costs. Just because you have increased mailing efforts doesn’t mean that your response levels are also going to increase.

As a business owner, every cent counts. Before sending out direct mail, evaluate the quality of your campaign and your mailing list. Mailing something to 10,000 people that won’t catch their eye, or to people that aren’t interested in what you’re offering, isn’t going to get a good response. So even though you received a better deal or discount on mailing, based on the quantity, it doesn’t really matter.

With a focused campaign that has been fully addressed and assigned a direction, you undoubtedly will have more responses. It’s all about quality over quantity when developing a direct mail campaign. Here are a few tips to help your business get started with a successful campaign.

Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Create a Plan for Direct Mail

As you begin to plan for your direct marketing campaign this year, clearly understand who your client base is. Create a customer profile or persona that identifies the major characteristics of your ideal customer. Think about their expectations and address their objectives.

Once you have the customer profile, use it to produce the mailing list of your dreams. Make sure the mailing list mirrors your ideal customer and your general target audience.

Design of Your Direct Mail

You’ve chosen your audience, now it’s time to choose a form of communication. Think, “Do you want the campaign to be educational, generate leads, generate customers?” and so forth.
Once you know how you want to deliver your message and who will be receiving it, put on your thinking cap and design a marketing campaign that will catch the receiver’s eyes.
Keep in mind that you want your design to visually represent the heart of the message. Take your time, make a few drafts and weigh your options. Then make your final decision.

Send and Measure Direct Mail Results

Send your campaign to those on the mailing list that meet your ideal customer’s credentials. If this is your first campaign, congratulations! You have gotten through a big chuck of the work. Now it’s time to track and measure your success. One thing you’ll learn is that everything is trial and error. If you are able to receive 25% percent response rate, you’ve done pretty good. Try for 35% the next time and 50% the next time.

With time, you will be able to see things through your ideal customer’s eyes and generate more leads than ever. Don’t focus on quantity of receivers, but the quality of your direct mail campaign. To find out how you can achieve remarkable results in your next direct marketing campaign call Phase V today!

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