Record Online Sales Expected For The 2017 High Season – Is Your Fulfillment Company Up To The Challenge?

Record Online Sales Expected For The 2017 High Season – Is Your Fulfillment Company Up To The Challenge?

As the summer transitions from, “Where did July go?” to “Fall is in the air!” It’s a good time to start planning for your 2017 high season. For proactive retail, wholesale and e-commerce shops and sellers, planning for the high season is a year-round thing. Planning promotional schedules based on forecast reports can be challenging this upcoming season as increased online sales trends have changed promotional timing for in-store sales.

E-Commerce Shaking Up Traditional Shopping Trends

2016 shook up promotional calendars, with Friday, Dec 23rd taking the title of Black Friday away from the long-standing champion, the Friday after Thanksgiving. Seems the Thanksgiving weekend is now a month-long event, starting right after Halloween, spreading buyer traffic and sales activities out over the month. Additionally, e-commerce promotions in the month of November affected previous holiday trends, as well. According to RetailNext, Saturdays, Dec. 17th and 10th weighed in at third and fourth for in-store traffic, with shocker, Thursday, Dec. 22nd coming in second in sales, with “Super Saturday,” Dec. 17th, placing fourth.

On Cyber Monday, Online Sales Rose 11%

According to industry analysts, e-commerce sales this high season will exceed 2016’s $91.7 billion sales total. The high season accounts for around 25% of annual sales for retailers in the US. In 2016, Cyber Monday broke all previous records as the biggest online shopping day in history, with $3.45 billion in online sales. Black Friday sales jumped nearly 22% from 2015, to $3.34 billion in 2016.

Phase V Can Help You Keep Up This Season

So, you’re going to be busier this high season. With increased sales and crucial delivery dates on the line, Phase V Fulfillment Company asks two questions; “Are you ready? Well… are you?” We partner with your company to provide affordable, more efficient ways to manage your supply chain operations during the high season, when things can get chaotic, to say the least.

Large Or Small, Phase V Can Help You Save Time And Money While Growing Your Brand

Don’t miss the Thanksgiving weekend sales and any critical delivery dates.  At Phase V, we can take care of all of your order processing, save you money and time, ship your products on time for holiday deliveries and help you manage your inventory all from one convenient web-based dashboard.

Our Comprehensive Fulfillment Services Begin With Warehousing Your Products

Save money and time on warehouse services without any staffing stress when you partner with Phase V. Our one-of-a kind warehousing experience is customized to your fulfillment needs to your budget. With no added fees or minimums, we can serve your business better. When your products arrive at our secure warehouse in Ft. Myers, Florida, we perform quality and quantity inspections. Assigning your products SKUs, we store them and your branded packaging materials in your dedicated section of our facility.

Shipping And Shopping Cart Abandonment

Historically, high shipping costs and inflexible delivery times have been the primary cause of online shopping cart abandonment. In 2016, business strategists noted that shopping cart abandonment increased before Black Friday, as more consumers were visiting retailer websites. Using their smartphones and mobile devices as planning tools, consumers researched bargains before traditional promotional sales times, planning what they wanted to buy online, then coming back and buying it on their smartphones or mobile devices on the day of the sale.

Phase V can help turn your shopping cart abandonment numbers around by offering a variety of shipping options to your customers. We offer your customers their preferred shipping provider, future shipping dates and other options. With the increased sales from conversions, you can offer free shipping, more affordable shipping, ship to store options and more.

Inventory Management Software Is Key To Organization

Our inventory management software helps keep everything moving along like Santa’s workshop.

Our state-of-the-art inventory management technology easily allows you to view inventory levels in real time, 24/7.  Our user-friendly software allows you to perform many administrative functions, such as setting up low inventory alerts to give your supply chain enough time to re-stock. You can view and edit your existing orders, check return statuses, create inventory reports, view invoices and much more. Our inventory management software integrates easily with most online shopping carts.

2016 also saw the importance of building an integrated strategy for your customers, as sales from mobile devices out-performed desk-top online and in-store sales. Phase V can also help manage your mobile sales, multi-channel and in-store sales, through one convenient portal. Shipping from one centralized location improves consistency in customer experience, increases customer loyalty and expands your brand.

Customer Service Counts

In today’s market, online shopping happens around the clock. Our customer service reps are available 24/7 to answer questions from your customers and address all concerns. With the commitment to resolving issues promptly, our customer service reps are trained to be up-to-speed on your product specs and details.

Without organization and preparation, the high season can get out of control fast. Let Phase V help you keep your head above water this holiday season with fulfillment services that help you save time and money. Have a happy and stress-free high season – contact Phase V today, it’s never too early to start gearing up for your most important sales season!

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