Small Electronics Fulfillment: Industry Spotlight On Order And Inventory Management

Small Electronics Fulfillment: Industry Spotlight On Order And Inventory Management

Since 2012, sales of small electronics have grown drastically in the US. As the ecommerce and online shopping landscape have become less of a slippery slope, in terms of reliability and more secure methods to pay online have evolved, online sellers and vendors have now outpaced traditional brick and mortar store sales in 2016. Also, small electronics manufacturers continue to support our increasingly mobile lifestyles and advanced Smartphone technology appetites with Fitbits, Smartwatches, drones for all adventures, Bluetooth speakers and other electronic gadgets that we just can’t resist. Driven by our need to know now, Google it attitudes an increasing array of digital personal assistants are poised to answer all of our questions, instantly.

Marketing analysts predict that by the end of 2017, retail sales of consumer electronics are expected to reach 292 billion dollars

  • According to Statista, “Since 2010, Fitbit has sold more than 38 million devices worldwide, and has over 16 million active users.”
  • Statista also predicts that, “By 2018, over a third of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone, an estimated total of almost 2.53 billion smartphone users in the world.”
  • com reports that, “Research firm Gartner (IT) predicted the market for such devices will reach over $2 billion in sales in 2020.”

Managing small electronics sales and order processing can be challenging to retailers and manufacturers

This avid interest in small electronics is great news if you’re a retailer or manufacturer of small electronics, until the reality of organizing your vast inventory, secure packaging and safe, fast shipping infringe on your talented team of engineers and designers who are tasked with figuring out how to best manage your inventory and order processing operations, leaving new product ideas on the drawing board, with no one at the table.

While small electronic sales continue to boom, can your company handle the increasing sales and production activities and still function at the top of their games?

For companies in the small electronics segment, secure product storage, precise packaging and affordable, safe shipping concerns add to the stress of growing your brand and operating your business at optimal levels. When it’s time to think about outsourcing your order processing and inventory management division to a third-party logistics company, it’s important you find one that is flexible, scalable and has your best interests at heart.

Unlike most third-party logistics providers, Phase V Fulfillment partners with you to help you grow your company

Phase V Fulfillment Company can help you sort out the whole supply chain while keeping your budget and business plans intact. Partnering with you, we learn about your brand, your processes and your vision for the future of your company. We can customize your warehousing, product assembly, packaging and shipping needs in affordable solutions that streamline your order processing and inventory management systems, so your talent can dream up new products we just can’t live without in this digitally dependent age.

The Phase V Fulfillment process involves five unique steps:

  1. Receiving and Inspection
    The process starts with onboarding your products that are inspected for accuracy and quality.
  2. Warehousing and Storage
    Our Phase V logistics professionals assign a dedicated area in our secure facilitiesin Southwest Florida. Located near all major shipping routes, international ports and airports for quick shipping.
  3. Inventory and Order Management
    Our adorable fulfillment solutions are devoted to flexible integration, robust security and scalability.
  4. Pick & Pack and Ship
    With over 25 years of experience in the specific details of pick & packand shipping, our packaging experts closely follow your packing plan, using a variety of cushioned and form-fitted packing supplies to ensure your products arrive in their original state. We work with your branded materials, inserts and other marketing materials, according to your packaging schematics.Always on the lookout to save money and time, without sacrificing quality, our packing team may suggest ways to pass those savings on to you. Fast, secure, reliable shipping increases sales by building brand loyalty.Our shipping department excels in working with Federal freight regulations and shipping methods to get your product into your customers’ hands, as seamlessly as possible, with fast and affordable shipping solutions. We also cater to businesses that offer a variety of shipping options to customers.


  1. Customer Service
    Phase V provides outstanding customer relations. If you and your customers require same day shipping and live inventory visibility, you got it. Customer care makes all the difference to your customers and is a priority to Phase V’s knowledgeable and approachable customer service professionals. Available 24/7, we guarantee a resolution to any question within a 24-hour period. Highly trained and resourceful, your customers get answers about specific questions and concerns about your products.


With small electronic sales increasing, maybe it’s time to join a team that can help you during your success and continuous growth. Phase V Fulfillment Company’s track record, as a third-party logistics leader offers integrated, scalable and flexible solutions for your order processing and inventory management operations. Partner with Phase V to streamline your business operations and get on with developing new products for the expanding personal electronics market trend that’s showing no sign of slowing down, any time soon.

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