Small Parcel Shipping: Reduce Your Shipping Expense And Keep Your Customers Happy

Small Parcel Shipping: Reduce Your Shipping Expense And Keep Your Customers Happy

Ecommerce is on the rise while traditional retailers are still holding their own in today’s markets.

One concern that many online shopping sites share with traditional retailers is that they, in most instances, have to overcharge on their small parcel shipments. With cart abandonment becoming an issue, when online shoppers leave your site at the check-out phase because of high shipping costs, online stores and brick and mortar businesses are looking for ways to retain sales and keep their customers happy.

At Phase V Fulfillment Company, no business is too large or too small to take advantage of our supply chain operations, from warehousing your products to packaging your items, to finding the right carrier and shipping methods that fit your budget and needs. Outsourcing your small parcel shipping can save your firm a significant amount of time and money. But are you asking yourself: How?

Phase V Partners With You

With over 30 years of experience as a third-party logistics company, Phase V readily partners with new businesses to help them grow.


  • We want to learn about your business, your philosophies and your visions, to help develop a plan tailored to your needs.
  • We help you design your brand-savvy packaging, complete with your branded packing and marketing materials and applying your labels, according to your specified instructions.
  • Our packing pros customize your products to look like they came directly from your company or distributer.
  • We use high performance protective materials to protect your products while in transit to your customers.
  • Our shipping specialists find the most cost-effective way to manage your delivery times and carrier requirements, always looking for ways to save you time and money in the process.
  • Phase V ships all of your orders from one centralized location, our secure facility in Ft. Myers, FL, near all major shipping routes.



Phase V’s Inventory Software Lets You Manage Your Inventory In Real Time

Our sophisticated, but easy-to-use, inventory software also allows you to:

  • Set up low inventory alerts so you will know when to restock your products, doing away with Back Order and Out of Stock messages that send your customers to other sellers.
  • Generate timely reports that help you forecast high and low sales cycles, so we can automatically add packing staff when needed or reduce your staffing needs in your off-season.
  • Allow your customers to track their orders by adding a parcel tracking link to your ecommerce site.



Partnering With Phase V, Your Customers Will Have Support From Our Customer Service Department

For any questions or concerns about your small parcel shipments, our customer service associates are willing and able to answer questions regarding your brand’s products. Our customer care personnel also help your customers with returns and exchanges, striving to process returns and exchanges in the same amount of time as original orders.

As a small parcel client, we can help save you save money with our in-house returns and refurbishment services. Because we have multiple clients, we can process returns and refurbish products at considerably lower rates than you can, on your own. Then, we pass the savings on to you. Returning products to like-new conditions, you can still make a sale, offering your refurbished product at a significantly lower price and minimizing your losses.

Phase V Offers Big Savings On Small Parcel Shipments

Streamlining your order processing and inventory management operations builds customer experience consistency across your brand that translates into more sales and increased brand loyalty. We work with our clients on an individual basis, with no rigid distribution plans but one that optimizes your specific distribution needs.

Contact Phase V For All Of Your Small Parcel Shipment Needs, Including:


  • Ecommerce and multi-channel marketing orders
  • Business-to-business sales and business-to-consumer orders



We Can Also Save Your Company Time And Money By:


  • Printing and shipping your marketing materials and brand literature,
  • Shipping promotional items
  • Shipping multiple items orders to the same address
  • Finding solutions to many other small parcel shipments


Keep your customers happy; partner with Phase V, where our small parcel shipment order processing and inventory management system can reduce shopping cart abandonment issues because of high shipping prices, step up your delivery times, cut down on lost or mishandled packages and help grow your business and expand your brand’s footprint.

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