So…. Crowd Funding Got Your Project Off The Ground. Here’s Why You Need To Look At Fulfillment Now

So…. Crowd Funding Got Your Project Off The Ground. Here’s Why You Need To Look At Fulfillment Now

Did your crowd funded project take off? This is the dream of every new business start-up. With the community behind you and the new influx of orders, your next step may be to crowd fund your fulfillment to ensure orders deliver on time and your inventory is managed to prevent backorders and other delays. Expanding your infrastructure to accommodate growth can be expensive. Here, we help you explore ways in which a fulfillment company can help fuel growth by providing the technology, storage and distribution support for your multi-channel sales.

Many New Small Businesses Don’t Have A Plan Or The Personnel To Cope With Expansion

If you think your startup business should wait until you need more warehouse space for your expanding inventory and more staff to run your order processing and inventory management operations, you are in good company. Most start-ups don’t have an expansion plan built into their original business plans. With the wait-and-see principle in place, a lot of business momentum can be depleted when all available personnel get caught up in product packaging, shipping details and inventory management. These necessary but time-consuming activities waste valuable talent and time, which negatively impacts product development and other business initiatives.

Phase V Fulfillment Can Help You Get Your Crowd-Funded Project Up And Running Smoothly

Outsourced fulfillment solutions make a lot of sense for a company just finding its footing. Our third-party logistics team can partner with you to show you the most cost-effective and time-efficient ways to get your supply chain flow running like a well-oiled machine. Our warehousing, packaging and shipping pros have the experience you need to get orders delivered on time, all of the time. Phase V shipping experts are already well-versed in the intricacies of freight and carrier options, with experience optimizing distribution plans for domestic and international customers. Our intuitive, data-driven software keeps you informed, at all times, with real-time inventory updates.

Our Warehouse Staff Keeps Your Inventory Cataloged And Organized

From the start, your Phase V warehouse team inspects your inventory, for quality and quantity, as it arrives at our convenient facilities in Ft. Myers, Florida. Using SKUs or Shop-keeping units, we identify your products, continually auditing your inventory from the time we receive it until the time it reaches your customers.

Phase V’s Expert Packaging Team Follows Your Lead, Packing Your Products To Your Specs

With years of experience handling products of all shapes and sizes, according to the business’s specifications, including branded materials, inserts and special assemblies, your products look like they came from your business. We also offer bundling and kitting assemblies to meet your promotional needs.

Domestic And International Shipping Can Be Complicated And Costly If You Don’t Know Freight Rates And Regulations

Our shipping specialists will work to find you the most cost-effective, expedient transit methods available. Working with intricate shipping options and multiple delivery times and choices, the Phase V logistics team gets your products to your customers on time. With increased shipping volume, your startup can save money and begin to see real growth.

Managing Your Inventory Can Be Tricky, Unless You Have The Right Software In Place

Monkeying around with inventory software until you find the right system that works for your startup can be expensive and unnecessary. Our state-of-the-art fulfillment technology is key to driving order management success.

With easy-to-use software solutions, you can coordinate all of your fulfillment processes through our web-based dashboard. In addition to monitoring your inventory in real-time, you can set low inventory alerts, giving you plenty of time to restock and avoid frustrating backorder scenarios.

Helping to fuel your efficient inventory management, Phase V software integrates easily with most shopping carts, ramping up your sales potential. You can also analyze sales data and generate forecasting reports to better manage your sales cycles. Our state-of-the-art software allows you to view and edit existing orders, create new orders, search and edit orders by a variety of variables, check return statuses, track orders and so much more.

Phase V Partners With You To Customize A Plan That Fits Your Sales Cycle Fluctuations

With no required minimum guidelines to worry about, we can help structure your fulfillment plan to scale labor to coincide with your sales cycles, saving you money.

Customer Experience Accelerates Brand Loyalty

Because we manage your multi-channel and physical location orders from a central location, we can better manage your inventory, get your products to your customers in a consistent and impeccably packaged form in less time. Consistency plays a huge role in customer experience, fostering return sales and sales from brand base referrals. Building brand loyalty increases sales with customer relationships that will last for years.

Our Customer Service Department Helps Bolster Open Communications

Phase V helps you build strong customer relationships with knowledgeable, well-trained customer service reps who are available to address questions and concerns that may arise with customers’ orders. Your customers will always be able to speak with a Phase V customer support rep.  We make it our business to resolve your customers’ concerns promptly.

Crowd-funding is a great way to get your idea off the ground. With the support of the community come expectations to deliver on your projections. With so many aspects of your new enterprise that are required to come together at this critical stage of your business plan, why jeopardize it by delving into warehousing, order processing and inventory management systems that can expend all of your newfound momentum.

Power your growing business by partnering with Phase V Fulfillment Company. We customize our comprehensive, third-party fulfillment services to automate and accelerate your order processing operations. Fueled by our 30 years of success as a third party logistics provider, you can focus your business goals on product development, production and marketing. With flexible and scalable fulfillment solutions, Phase V works with you to propel your crowd-funded project into a viable, well-respected entity. Contact Phase V to find out how our services can help your startup stay the course and expand your potential business goals.

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