The Fulfillment Industry And What’s Driving Change

The Fulfillment Industry And What’s Driving Change

Fulfillment Industry

In the last decade, as e-commerce has influenced the way consumers prefer to shop, the fulfillment industry has experienced a dramatic jump in revenue. According to a Global report, the third-party logistics fulfillment industry soared above 1 trillion dollars in 2019 and is estimated to “grow at a compound rate of nine percent between 2020 and 2026.” Small businesses, especially online businesses, have incorporated third-party logistics services for a myriad of reasons, including:

  • Reducing labor costs and warehouse rental and maintenance overheads
  • Improving packing and shipping efficiency
  • Reducing expenses associated with packing and shipping supplies
  • Expanding shipping options and improving freight regulation navigation
  • Eliminating learning curve expenses of training and maintaining fulfillment staff
  • Reducing last-mile delivery times
  • Automating fulfillment operations
  • Focusing more on company core values, such as product development

However, due to current global conditions, the fulfillment ecosystem is changing rapidly. E-commerce sales continue to increase and are accelerating even more in 2020 as a direct result of COVID-19. While increased online shopping sales in a time of such economic uncertainty can be a positive outcome, a few caveats exist that could affect your business.

What’s Driving Changes

When Amazon started prioritizing essential items due to the pandemic, it disrupted the delivery times of many companies who did not sell products considered essential. This disruption left many customers at a loss since they didn’t have anyone to speak to directly when a problem arises. Before the global pandemic began shutting businesses down, fast delivery times, along with free shipping proved major drivers for e-commerce brands. Amazon Prime’s next day delivery platform created consumer demand for faster and faster delivery times for all online transactions. Last-mile delivery rates initiated a race to cut delivery times, with ride-sharing companies pivoting their services to meet the increasing demand for expedient product delivery.  In the wake of the Coronavirus, this disruption in deliveries could delay orders of “non-essential” items, negatively affecting companies selling these products. In addition to delivery delays, two major US shipping carriers, FedEx and UPS, just announced rate increases that will have an impact on the cost of shipping.

How Can Businesses Navigate These Obstacles?

With all of the uncertainty about every aspect of life going forward, ensuring your orders arrive on time and do not negatively affect your profits is critical to any online seller’s success. As challenging as these times are to navigate, it is important to partner with a fulfillment company that can provide dedicated account management services, buying power, and the expert advice of account managers. You need to make sure your customers are happy and your sales are profitable.

Phase V Fulfillment Services Is Focused On Providing Service

A one-of-a-kind third-party logistics company, Phase V, takes the time to research your company, your specific needs, and your business goals, to customize your fulfillment services in order to provide the best experience for you and your customers. We work with you to automate your supply chain operations to ensure your orders get to your customers on time. We specialize in connecting with you through each step of your fulfillment process – working to save your company money in the process. Unlike most fulfillment services, you can actually speak with your Phase V Account Manager at any time. Our service reps are also available to help you with adjusting your plan to meet changing conditions. Along with live support, partnering with Phase V allows you to manage your inventory and ordering operations through our scalable, data-driven technology platform that runs in real-time.

What It Means To Partner With Phase V

In addition to working closely with your Account Manager to optimize your brand’s fulfillment operations, partnering with Phase V means:

  • Convenient location near all shipping channels

From onboarding to product delivery, our location, near all shipping routes and international ports of call in Fort Myers, FL is strategically located to get your orders delivered on time and increase sales.

  • Secure, environmentally-controlled facilities

Warehousing your inventory in our secure, humidity conditioned facilities in Fort Myers that feature specialized conditions that ensures your products retain their quality.

  • Organized and monitored inventory

Quality and quantity checks are performed by our experienced warehousing personnel when your inventory arrives at our warehouses. Located in a dedicated area in our warehouse, your inventory is assigned universal SKUs that organize your products so you can manage orders and current inventory from our user-friendly, real-time, web-based dashboard.

  • Multi-function order and inventory management platform

Phase V’s order management and inventory management technology keeps you in touch with your orders at all times through our e-commerce integrations. Our technology integrates easily with most shopping carts and functions to coordinate your multi-channel orders into one location for more expedient deliveries.

  • Transparency and real-time updates

With real-time inventory updates, our technology is designed to promote transparency in your day-to-day supply chain management. Featuring several administrative functions, our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to create and edit orders in addition to setting up low inventory alerts that let you know when to restock your products. Phase V clients appreciate this function as it prevents frustrating out-of-stock and backorder messages that cost your company sales and return orders. Other functions include data analysis on sales cycle forecasts, product sales evaluations, and much more.

  • Efficient, cost-effective pick and pack services

Phase V’s skilled fulfillment services staff select and pack your products to your specifications, automating your processes to expedite delivery times. We can also incorporate full-color branded packing and shipping materials, as well as any inserts and other marketing materials your brand requires. Our packing specialists excel at packing your products as if they came from you directly.

  • Shipping and carrier management

With over 30 years of logistics experience, our comprehensive programs incorporate an extensive list of carrier management solutions, as well as specific delivery options. Our expert shipping team optimizes your international and domestic shipping needs, always striving to save your company money, whenever possible.

  • Friendly Customer Service

Just as you can speak live with your Account Manager, your customers can speak with our thoroughly trained customer service representatives from anywhere in the world. Your customer service team will answer any questions or concerns that may arise for your customers and their orders following your exact specifications.

Phase V: For All The Right Reasons

In these rapidly changing and uncertain times, increased sales need to continue to create a positive effect on your business’s growth. Therefore, it is important to partner with a third-party logistics and fulfillment company that works with you to streamline your ordering and fulfillment operations, saving your business money and ensuring your orders get to their intended destinations on time. When you partner with Phase V Fulfillment Services, we’re in this together! Contact Phase V to keep your supply chain running smoothly.

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