The Key To Multi-Product Sales, Packaging & Shipping

The Key To Multi-Product Sales, Packaging & Shipping

In the expanding world of ecommerce, multi-unit sales add a layer of complexity in terms of packaging and shipping. Ecommerce businesses are looking for ways to increase personalization requiring more pick and pack and kitting services.

Using smart incentives, ecommerce vendors and online consumers alike, can benefit from multi-unit sales. Online vendors looking for ways to increase profit margins should consider outsourcing their fulfillment services and inventory management operations to a third-party logistics company. Partnering with a third-party company for fulfillment and inventory management can provide valuable insights into product kits that work best from the point of view of packaging, shipping and more.

Phase V Fulfillment Company Can Help Increase Profit Margins

When you partner with Phase V, we take the time to find out about your company, your philosophies and your needs, in order to develop the most cost-effective and expedient methods for packaging and shipping your products. Working to totally automate your fulfillment functions, your labor and packaging costs decrease with multi-product sales, saving you money.

Shipping Savings

Hesitating consumers, due to added shipping costs, often abandon shopping carts and click on other vendor’s sites looking for lower shipping costs or better deals. Offering discounts on multiple sales and free shipping with a minimum dollar amount can help prevent shopping cart abandonment. Selling multiple items at a discount can off-set shipping cost for vendors, as the shipping costs for additional orders is minimal compared to the profit margin additional orders generate.

Phase V shipping experts can save your business money by finding the most cost-efficient ways to ship your orders. Always looking to save your company money on shipping, your Phase V logistics team can help you devise an auto-ship option for products, such as health and diet supplements, to ensure consumers won’t run out or pay higher prices for products they use every day.

Packaging Options Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Packaging more than one of the same product for orders saves time and packaging materials.  Offering add-on product deals with the purchase of certain products can increase your multi-sales volume. For example, skin care product sellers can offer complete skin care systems at a discounted price. Vitamin and supplement sellers can increase multi-product sales by offering deals for complementary products purchased with certain supplements.

Phase V packaging pros process your multi-sales orders, expertly for each and every order, following your directions and inserting all branding and marketing materials you specify. Your orders will look like they came from you, with branded invoices, bills of lading and shipping labels available from Phase V.

Phase V Bundling And Kitting Services

Whether your bundled items are promotional items, with the same packaging instructions or whether your bundled items require custom packaging, Phase V sees to it that your assembled and bundled orders are accurately constructed and packaged according to your specs. As soon as we receive your order in our secure warehouse in Ft. Myers, we assemble your product, so it can be shipped to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Technology Solutions For Your Inventory

Along with saving you money and increasing sales towards your expanding brand, Phase V’s one-stop shopping fulfillment and inventory management services features data-driven web-based software so that you can monitor your orders, edit existing orders, create new orders and get up to the minute inventory counts, 24/7. With our user-friendly inventory management technology, you can receive low inventory alerts in your office. When your product counts go below your specified levels, you can restock your products in plenty of time to avoid out of stock and backorder situations that can send customers to other vendors, costing you credibility and sales.

Our Customer Service Department Is An Important Part Of Phase V’s Brand Management

Phase V’s customer service department professionally and knowledgeably fields any questions and concerns your customers may have about your products and their orders. Realizing that online shopping can happen from any place at any time of the night or day, our customer care specialists are ready to assist your customers promptly. Phase V’s customer service helps build brand loyalty, by creating open communication lines with your customers.

Save On Warehousing And Labor Costs

Warehousing your product in our strategically located facilities near major shipping routes and international ports of call, saves you the headache and overhead costs incurred with purchasing or renting storage space for your expanding inventory and training staff. When your products are packaged and shipped from a central location, consistency increases. Improved consistency generates return sales and helps with building a customer base that is loyal to your brand for years to come.

Ecommerce vendors rely more on multi-unit and multi-product sales to increase profit margins and decrease shipping costs to expand their businesses to the next level. Online customers looking for a good deal are interested in saving money and respond favorably to a vendor that offers free shipping and/or discounts on paired and add-on items. Partnering with Phase V can help grow your ecommerce company by saving your business money on fulfillment services and shipping rates, as well as increasing sales by helping you pair items for multi-product sales. Streamline your fulfillment services and inventory management operations. Contact Phase V today!

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