Unbox Your Brand This Holiday

Unbox Your Brand This Holiday

Unboxing is the YouTube phenomenon that could build your brand this holiday. Online shoppers are documenting and sharing their experiences as they open their merchandise purchased online. Whether they’re showing off Mom’s new hat or Sis’s new necklace, you could be the next YouTube hit and see sales go through the roof!

In 2014, there were a total of 1.3 million unboxing videos uploaded to the web, which generated 10.3 billion total views. Of those total views, of the viewers were researching products with the intent to purchase.

The power of unboxing could be the jolt of excitement your brand needs for additional growth. Follow these easy tips for fast success:

  1. Be The Gift Giver And Receiver.
    Imagine you are the gift giver and receiver at the same time. Either person could be the one to feature your brand on their next holiday unboxing video. Your package is a present; a neurological stimulant. The presentation of the box engages elements that can harness the customer’s most innate desires to explore.Focus on the presentation of the box and work on prolonging the psychological excitement of the unboxing experience. As the retailer, you can implement this trend to initiate brand loyalty.
  2. Brand Excitement.When focusing on the presentation of your package, put an emphasis on engaging elements. A customer that has experienced a well-designed unboxing experience will be more inclined to continue shopping for your brand. In fact, everyone around the Christmas tree will be blown away if you’re able to pull this off.In ecommerce there are fewer opportunities to touch and “wow” your customers. So it is extremely important to create a unique branded experience that sets you apart from your competitors.Think about your product and packaging as distinctive and irreplaceable.
  3. Shareable Products.As you introduce and improve the aesthetics of your packages, you will increase customer loyalty. There are some simple elements that you should consider:
  • The Box, the biggest element to consider. This is where you have the largest opportunity to stimulate your customer’s senses. This can come to you at a high price, as traditional white and brown corrugated packaging options are cheap, sturdy and get the job done. But that extra few pennies could market your product to whoever lays eyes on it.
  • Tissue paper used to wrap your products gives a little extra mystery and excitement during the unboxing experience. We recommend custom printed tissue paper or even simple colored tissue paper.
  • Filler that you normally use to protect the product (Styrofoam, packing peanuts, foam inserts, air pillows and bubble wrap) are great for their use but they are not visually appealing and do nothing for your brand. Consider branded crinkle paper.
  • Stickers are a great way to add your brand seal. You can use this in addition to your tissue paper or to replace customized boxes.
  • Receipt and notes enhance your image remarkably. It’s standard practice to include a receipt in your package, but there is room for improvement. Consider how to present the receipt in a fun or classy way. In addition, add a custom note on the side. This offers a personal touch that makes people aware that real people are behind your brand.
  • Samples based on the customer profile could be a simple way to cross-sell to the customer. This introduces them to new products, and is kind of like a small gift. Small gifts are a great way to generate surprise and increase the overall experience.

By creating a memorable experience and introducing unboxing to your brand you could see instant improvement in customer loyalty and sales this holiday season. For more details, consult an expert today to see how you can engage in unboxing!

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