Vitamin Business Booming? Your Guide To Nutritional Supplement And Vitamin Fulfillment

Vitamin Business Booming? Your Guide To Nutritional Supplement And Vitamin Fulfillment

Driven by an increasing awareness in healthier lifestyle choices, as well as the demands of an aging baby boomer population to sustain and promote good health, holistically and naturally, the vitamin and natural supplement industries are experiencing exponential growth in the US and worldwide. Studies show that about two-thirds of the adult US population use vitamins/supplements daily. The popularity of supplements in disease prevention and in healthy longevity also extends to the essential oil and the nutriceutical markets, as well. Nutriceuticals include amino acids, probiotics and Omega oil food or food products that provide health and medical benefits in the treatment and prevention of disease.

With global sales of consumer health products reaching $219 billion in 2016, up 3%, according to Euromonitor International, supplement sales are projected to “top $250 billion with ongoing growth of 3% per year through 2021.” In line with this trend, “dietary supplement sales are projected to reach $127.9 billion globally in 2017, up 6.1%,” according to Nutrition Business Journal. Additionally, “weight management, herbal/combination/traditional supplements and sports nutrition are expected to post the fastest growth through 2021,” says Euromonitor.

Managing Your Order Supply Chain Flow Can Present Challenges To Growing Your Business

With vitamin/supplement startups and leading brands offering products through supermarkets, pharmacies, big box retailers, ecommerce channels and online stores, order fulfillment and inventory management operations can get out of hand without adequate storage space for inventory and organizational systems in place. Along with securing and maintaining appropriate warehouse space with specialty personnel trained in the rigorous standards required for packaging health supplements, you have to figure out the intricacies of cost-effective, expedient shipping. Additionally, managing your inventory and providing effective customer service can create a lack of time allotted for marketing and sales operations. That’s why more and more growing vitamin, supplement and nutriceutical companies are outsourcing their order fulfillment and inventory management operations to third party logistics companies.                                                       

Phase V Fulfillment Company Partners With Your Company

As your fulfillment specialists, Phase V partners with you to save you money and help you grow your vitamin/supplement business. Learning about what your company needs to optimize your supply chain operations, we offer customized solutions to keep your orders organized and moving smoothly from purchase to delivery.

Receiving And Storing Your Inventory

When your products arrive at our secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature-controlled facility in Ft. Myers, Florida, our fulfillment experts inspect your products for quality and quantity. With the use of SKUs, we catalogue your products and branded packing materials in a dedicated area of our warehouse. Strategically located, our facilities are convenient to international ports of call and major US shipping routes.

Kitting & Assembly Of Your Orders

With over 30 years of experience in the fulfillment industry, our proven kitting procedures are optimized to the highest standards of quality. We meet with you to design the best packaging plan for your products, from specialty labeling to including your branded graphics, or your retailer client’s branding and packing materials, to kitting and bundling services, to drop shipments and small parcel orders, we work with you to formulate the most cost-efficient process. We pack your orders to your customers’ expectations, including logo and color branded packing slips and more.

Shipping And Distribution

Phase V’s shipping professionals optimize complicated shipping and handling options. Custom distribution programs can accommodate future shipping and auto shipping options popular with web store customers, with customized domestic and international distribution programs to fit your budget.

Technology And Inventory Management

Phase V’s state of the art technology is dedicated to flexible integration, robust security and scalability. Tracking your inventory in real time, our easy-to-use web-based dashboard allows full transparency from the moment your products are received, through the fulfillment process, into your customer’s hands and beyond. Inventory management tools include receiving low level product alerts, as well as the ability to get instant inventory insights that help you manage demand and avoid frustrating and costly backorder and out of stock situations.

Our software easily integrates with your online shopping carts and coordinates your multi-channel marketing operations into our streamlined, all-in-one, order fulfillment platform. You can also easily create new orders, monitor existing orders, view order statuses, check inventory levels, manage shopping cart integration, check return statuses and so much more.

Customer Support

Phase V realizes that customer care is essential to keeping your supplement business on track and growing. Our customer care specialists know your product and will get back to you promptly regarding any questions. Our customer management support efficiently handles all returns and processes replacement orders at the same fast turnaround time as original orders. Our customer support team adheres to your reverse process flow and follows your defective return criteria to safeguard products that can be preserved and added back into your inventory.

As your fulfillment partner, Phase V constantly evaluates your supply chain operations in order to save your growing supplement business money, while looking for new ways to increase your sales. Customer experience on your digital platforms, as well as in your physical locations plays a major role in building your brand’s customer base. With all of your vitamin, nutriceutical and other health products packed and shipped from one central location, with real time inventory tracking, backed by excellent customer support solutions, Phase V’s affordable fulfillment solutions can get your products to more customers, helping your brand expand to the next level.

Contact Phase V Fulfillment today. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of your supplement company’s expansion and show how we can grow with you!

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