What Is The Role Of A 3PL Company?

What Is The Role Of A 3PL Company?

If your company is growing fast and looking to expand, business indicators point to the importance of partnering with 3PL companies to lower overheads on warehouse expenses, along with allowing you to focus on your core business and cut labor costs while implementing your expansion plan. Phase V Fulfillment Company is based in Fort Myers and will partner with your company to make your next expansion as seamless and stress-free as possible, in a myriad of ways.

3PL companies becoming an important component of business plans

The uptick in growth of 3PL companies in the last decade follows the globalization of business sectors brought about by the acceleration of e-commerce and advancements in online shopping platforms. In the past, the perception was that 3PL providers were only for large businesses that needed a lot of extra help getting their products to their customers. Not so much anymore, as businesses are realizing how much 3PL companies can help increase revenues and save money. At Phase V, we work with companies of all sizes in many industries, learning about your company and outfitting your business with a plan that fits your needs and expansion plans. With flexibility and scalability in mind, Phase V can adjust your fulfillment plan to decrease labor during seasonal lulls, as well as add extra support for the holiday season and other high-volume sales cycles.

Outsourcing supply chain operations helps companies move inventory faster

Working with Phase V to fulfill customer orders, our 3PL team’s experience and expertise in onboarding your inventory, in combination with picking, packaging and shipping your orders cuts down on the learning curve you would most likely encounter if you decided to take on your own fulfillment operations. Phase V works with your company to find optimal cost-effective ways to get your products in the hands of your satisfied customers, on time, all of the time. When onboarding your inventory at our secure, climate-controlled facilities, your products are inspected for quality and quantity. With true transparency, our network allows you to track your orders at any point in the fulfillment process. Your customers can also track the progress of their orders.

Save on materials, increase accuracy, and drive more business your way

Because we work with multiple clients, we save your company money, not only on storage space but on branded packing supplies, shipping materials, and shipping costs. Your shipping logistics team can handle a variety of delivery options and navigate shipping regulations to find the best shipping costs for your orders.

Turnkey Technology

For most companies, the cost of acquiring and constantly updating the most current supply chain technology can prove costly, as well as diverting your attention away from your core business initiatives. Phase V’s state-of-the-art warehouse management system technology and automated data collection technology improves inventory management efficiency and speeds up the order fulfillment process. Developing a relationship with a 3PL company makes it even easier to streamline your fulfillment operations, improving the efficiency of your inventory management operations, and cutting labor costs.

Data-driven dashboard

With Phase V’s web-based user-friendly dashboard, you always know where your inventory counts stand. You can create orders, update existing orders, and perform a variety of data analyses from your Phase V dashboard. You can set up low inventory alerts so that you know when to restock products. Improved accuracy in managing your inventory breeds brand loyalty and return customers.

Phase V’s customer service representatives raise the standard  

Phase V’s 3PL services include live, customer service representatives to assist your customers. Addressing your customer’s needs in real time, our customer service reps are well-versed on your product’s specs, equipped to answer your customer’s questions and assist in exchanges, returns, and order canceling and reversing the order fulfillment process to return products to your inventory in a timely fashion.

Shipping network a plus

Phase V’s one-stop shopping, beginning-to-end supply chain management network, also works with you to simplify your freight shipping, bulk shipping, small parcel, and drop shipments. Our in-house distribution and shipping professionals always work to find the optimal solutions to your domestic and international distribution and shipping programs. Phase V’s freight shipping logistics and operations can streamline your freight shipping to save even more time and improve last mile delivery by cross-docking, a process involving bulk shipments broken down into smaller, individual orders and shipped to your customers. Skipping the storage process, your orders get to your customers in even less time. Phase V’s strategic location near all major shipping routes and international ports of call helps accelerated delivery times.

For businesses ready to expand, partnering with a 3PL company is a good thing. For companies looking to grow their companies, saving money and increasing revenues in the process, Phase V is a must.

Contact Phase V, the 3PL provider with your company’s streamlined future in mind.

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