What We Use To Package Your Products

What We Use To Package Your Products

Getting your products to your customers as soon and efficiently as possible is one of the key reasons you choose Phase V for all your fulfillment operations. A number of elements go into perfecting this process and a major percentage of those considerations involve packaging. Determining the ideal size and type of container and choosing the best protective materials, while considering the weight of finished packages can be tricky, but rest assured Phase V’s skilled team of logistic professionals knows all the right moves inside and out. We’ll meet with you to help you design a plan for your packaging and shipping details.

Phase V can boost your marketing momentum with logo decals and stickers, as well as logo printed boxes, wrap, labels and any other type of brand specific packing and shipping materials you want to include with your products. Let’s take a look at some of the packing materials we use to get your products into your customers’ hands seamlessly.

Folding Cartons Invented The Packaging Industry

Prior to the mid to late 1800s, paper cartons, reserved for jewelry and other finery were usually handmade creations. As packaging progressed, cartons, printed one at a time, were cut by hand. Although Charles Henry Foyle is credited with inventing the paper carton in the 1840s, it wasn’t until an 1879 printing press accident, that mass production of printed cartons propelled the packaging industry into the Industrial Age.

When Nabisco’s Uneeda Biscuits appeared on store shelves in their colorful and protective package, a revolution in packaging soon took hold and today, many folding cartons are produced from recycled materials to offset the effects of our disposable culture, initially created, in part by folding containers.

You may be wondering: What exactly is a folding carton?

  • Folding cartons can be lightweight containers that generally fit inside a sturdier box for shipping.


  • Products headed to retail shelves can be packaged in folding cartons that stack on shelves or hang from store fixtures.


  • Folding cartons come in all shapes and sizes, ideal for many different types of products.



Some Products Work Better Wrapped Instead Of Boxed

Beverages sold in bulk are a perfect example of this kind of bundled wrapping. Often retailers will offer a BOGO deal on beverages, household cleaners, air fresheners and many other products.

What are the options for wrapping products?


  • Bundling films in various colors are available to code similar products with different finishes or variations or to accentuate your corporate color palette on wrapped products.


  • Custom printed plastic film wrap, common in a vast array of grocery products, needs to be durable enough to ship, yet easy for your customers to open.


  • Some companies prefer shrink wrap and cryovac packaging for their products. Form-fitting heat wrapping works well for extending the optimal usage date of food items.



Phase V Protects Your Products During Transit And Handling

In the protective packaging arena, many options exist to safeguard against damage in the shipping and handling process. While the standard and 100% recycled shipping peanuts and popcorn type materials, offer an economical way to package certain products, more manageable products, such as air-filled plastic pouch panels are making inroads in product shipping.

Polyethylene foam in small to large rolls, sheets, tubing, envelopes and custom cut shapes make protecting anything from electronics to pieces of furniture easier and more secure, with less bulk than other materials. Foam is versatile and:


  • Shock-absorbing


  • Clean and non-abrasive


  • Lightweight and waterproof


Other foam products used for more fragile and high-priced valuables, such as jewelry, crystal and delicate glass products include convoluted foam that creates a soft, thick cushion for your products, plus pick and pack charcoal urethane foam features:


  • Pull out perforated squares eliminate die-cutting that can be pricy


  • Conforms to delicate and valuable items


Bubble wrap, the quintessential protective material, can be fashioned into sheets and tubes to line boxes, securely separate several items in a box and securely wrap larger items.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes, The Final Word On Packaging

Speaking of boxes, Phase V packing pros will direct you to the perfect corrugated cardboard box for your product, from white or logo printed, lightweight, corrugated cubes for soft items, to tall and telescopic, to all manner of square and rectangular box in between, to heavy duty 200 lb test corrugated boxes for extra protection in transit. Options range from custom folded mailers, popular for small electronics, such as routers and Blu-ray players to other product specific side loading mailers to garment boxes and single bottle wine boxes. Tailored to your shipping model, Phase V finds the most secure, affordable corrugated boxes for your products.

At Phase V Fulfillment Services, we’re in the business of making your business run more efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on product development and increasing sales. In the packaging process, our logistic professionals work with you to ensure your product packaging represents your brand, in the best possible ways.  Contact Phase V today and find out how we can help expand your business potential in 2017.

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