Where Are Your Products Stored? Have You Chosen The Right Warehouse?

Where Are Your Products Stored? Have You Chosen The Right Warehouse?

Business owners are often concerned about where their products are being stored when they use warehouse services. When making warehouse decisions, it is important to look for companies that use up-to-date technology to ensure products are taken care of. Phase V’s warehouse storage spaces includes state-of-the-art features such as strategic storage for delicate products, humidity controlled and ambient temperature storage, generators for power outages, real time inventory monitoring and pallet storage.

Features To Look For In A Warehouse


Humidity Controlled And Ambient Temperature Storage

When choosing a warehouse service, storage concerns go beyond sufficient space. It is important to keep your products in a protected environment to maintain their quality. This is an especially important concern if you are planning to store your products for an extended period. Delicate products, such as electronics or perishables, need protection from outside elements like excessive heat in order to prevent product damage, which can lead to loss of inventory and poor customer experiences. Secure, humidity controlled and ambient temperature storage that keeps the warehouse environment in a consistent temperature range ensures products are not exposed to dangerous temperatures.

Phase V allows temperatures to be monitored consistently to ensure that your products are preserved in optimal conditions.

Generators For Power Outages

Even when every measure is taken to control the warehouse environment, circumstances outside of one’s control can still arise. Power outages can occur at any moment and may last for a long time. In a warehouse environment, power outages can greatly affect the condition of products if humidity controlled and ambient temperature storage control systems are not powered. In order to prevent this potential problem, warehouses should be equipped with back-up generators.

Phase V emphasizes emergency preparedness with its back-up generators, which are able to provide power even in the event of long-term outages. These generators can adequately sustain not only the humidity controlled and ambient temperature storage control system, but also inventory management systems necessary to complete customer orders so that your business can continue to function seamlessly.

Real Time Inventory Monitoring

When choosing to use a warehouse service, business owners may face some concerns about the ability to monitor their inventory. Good inventory management technology provides a solution to these concerns. At Phase V, our software’s inventory management system lets you view and manage inventory levels at any time, ensuring that you will never be out of a product when a customer needs it.

In addition to reflecting your inventory at any given moment, our software system offers tools that triggers automated low inventory alerts, letting you know if a product is running low. Phase V’s software also uses reports to notify you of larger issues related to your products. Using up-to-date industry-wide trends and projections, these helpful notifications provide insights about how to stock, reduce, or adapt your inventory.

Pallet/Shelf Storage

Pallet and shelf storage is a necessary part of a warehouse, especially if you are planning to keep a large stock of surplus goods. In addition to our pick and pack services for getting your product out quickly to your customers, Phase V offers bulk pallet storage options. Our pallet storage shelves can hold large quantities of your product at any time, whether due to an overstock situation or simply a need for more space. They offer an efficient storage option while keeping your product safe and free from any damage.

With Phase V’s warehouse technology, you can rest assured that your products will remain in optimal condition at all times.

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