Your Complete Guide To Order Fulfillment For Your Company

Your Complete Guide To Order Fulfillment For Your Company

The best way to maximize the overall effectiveness of your retail business is to work with a fulfillment service like Phase V. Operating from a centralized, technologically incorporated warehouse location, an effective fulfillment service ensures that packages get to your customers quickly, safely, efficiently and all at a low cost to you.

Order Fulfillment Process: How It Works

From beginning to end, Phase V’s fulfillment process is fully integrated for the benefit of you and your customers. Here is how the process works:


  1. Customer places an order: A customer places an order electronically through the seller’s online store. Alternatively, the customer views the seller’s print catalog, places an order directly to the warehouse via phone, email, or fax, and a Phase V customer service representative manually enters the order information for immediate processing.


  1. Warehouse receives order information:Shopping cart integration software alerts a Phase V warehouse associate, who immediately receives the order information. The order information includes a list of items ordered, date and time of order, shipping labels and location of the item in the warehouse.


  1. Warehouse associate picks products from warehouse shelves: The warehouse associate selects the items directly from the shelves of Phase V’s warehouse.


  1. Seller inventory is updated: The item is scanned, and the seller’s product inventory is updated accordingly (item is removed from seller’s inventory).


  1. Warehouse associate packs the order: The warehouse associate expertly packages the items using a container, such as an envelope or box, and any packing materials needed to ensure the items’ safety. The associate affixes the appropriate shipping labels, adhering to any branding guidelines, custom packaging or other specifications requested by the seller.


  1. The order is shipped: The associate ships the package using a reliable major shipping service of the seller’s choice.


  1. Shipment notice and tracking information are sent to seller and customer: The warehouse sends a shipment notice email to the customer and seller along with a link that provides tracking information.


  1. Delivery: The package arrives quickly and safely at the customer’s door.


If fulfilling your online orders has become disorganized and your staff can’t keep up with updating inventory appropriately, it could cost you money and the loss of customers over time. Allow Phase V Fulfillment to show you first-hand how efficient this process is in our warehouse. Contact one of our representatives today to get more information on how we can help your business mainstream the process of fulfilling orders.

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